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Complete Guide to Wearing Compression Garments After Surgery

One of the most common questions before and after body contouring procedures is if one should or should not wear a compression garment. This is considered an essential aspect of a person’s postoperative care. It can speed up recovery, help with surgical results, and play an important role in shaping a person’s new contours. A compression garment will also help a patient experience less discomfort after surgery and can also help a person get back to their daily routine sooner.

Why Are Compression Garments Necessary?

With liposuction and abdominoplasty, spaces are created within a person’s soft tissue. A compression garment will help close that space. A person’s fat and skin will be elevated and rearranged, so it is important for these tissues to be maintained in the right position as they heal. A compression garment will help tissue to re-attach in the best contour. The space will be closed with light but constant pressure. It helps with recovery by keeping everything in its proper place.

How Long Are Compression Garments Worn?

It is essential for patients to wear a compression garment for at least six weeks. This happens after a larger body contouring procedure. Should it be minor or a smaller area surgery, it’s possible two weeks would be sufficient. The length of time a compression garment is worn will depend on a number of factors. This could include the amount of fat or skin that was removed, the amount of loose skin remaining, the elasticity of a person’s skin, and more.

Bathing with Compression Garments

It is safe as well as important for a person to remove their compression garment when they bathe. Most people can bathe within 48 hours after they have a body lift, liposuction, or tummy tuck. When a person is finished bathing, they need to carefully pat themselves dry with a clean towel The skin needs to be completely dry. After this is done, it is time to put the compression garment back on. This is a good time to gently launder the garments if needed.

Sleeping with Compression Garments

In most cases, a person wears the compression garment when they sleep. This will need to be done during the first four weeks after surgery. Certain procedures such as body lifts, as well as tummy tucks, may require a person to wear their compression garment all day as well as when they sleep. Some people have reported that wearing their compression garment gives them a sense of security.

How Tight Should a Compression Garment Be?

Some people may believe their compression garment should be worn as tight as they can handle. This is not the case. It is used to support a person’s body without putting excessive pressure on where their body is healing. It is best to have gentle consistent pressure. Circulation is an essential part of recovering from surgery. A person doesn’t want it so tight their extremities are going numb. They should be able to slide their hand under the compression garment without any difficulty.

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