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For many males who have enlarged breasts caused by weight gain, hormonal problems, or genetics, male breast reduction, or gynecomastia surgery, is an ideal solution that improves the chest contour and restores definition to the area of the pectoral muscles. Dermatology + Plastic Surgery, led by double board-certified plastic surgeon Rebecca Novo, MD, and board-certified dermatologist Anita Saluja, MD, is a state-of-the-art practice that provides gynecomastia surgery for residents of Melbourne, Viera, Brevard County, and surrounding Central Florida communities.

What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a common condition affecting males in which the breasts are enlarged due to weight gain or hormonal imbalances. In some patients, the condition may respond to medical therapy or resolve without treatment. Most patients with gynecomastia present for over one year, not due to medical or hormonal reasons choose to undergo the male breast reduction procedure.

How is Gynecomastia surgery or Male Breast reduction performed?

There are several ways to perform the male breast reduction procedure. The technique performed depends on what type and how much tissue has accumulated. The tissue is removed either through surgery or liposuction. In mild cases, liposuction alone may tighten the chest contour and restore pectoral definition. In other cases, where glandular tissue is present, or excess skin remains hanging after liposuction, surgery may be the best option. Surgery produces hairline scars and may require repositioning the nipple. For many patients, optimal results are achieved by combining both surgery and liposuction.

What are the advantages of Gynecomastia surgery or Male Breast Reduction?

Gynecomastia surgery eliminates excess tissue around the pectoral area and restores contour and definition in the male chest, resulting in a more muscular appearance and better fitting clothes. Male breast reduction patients report feeling more satisfied with their appearance after the procedure, and consequently, feeling improved self-confidence in social and professional situations.

At what age can a boy undergo Male Breast Reduction?

Gynecomastia surgery or male breast reduction by liposuction may be performed on men and teen boys over age 13 (with consent of guardian in cases of minors) who have accumulated fatty deposits around the pectoral muscles that aren’t eliminated by diet and exercise. Male breast reduction is a simple and safe procedure; however, our team of specialists can best assess your condition to determine whether you are a good candidate for this procedure. Contact our office for a consultation to determine if male breast reduction is right for you.

Recovery from Gynecomastia surgery

It is normal to experience some discomfort for several days after the procedure, depending on the extent of your procedure and your general condition. If you undergo surgery, dressings will be removed after a few days. You may experience minor swelling and bruising that normally resolves itself within a few weeks. You will be required to wear a compression garment for several weeks to protect and support the healing tissue and help the body adjust to its new contour. In about six weeks you may resume normal physical activities such as sports and exercise.

How Much Does Gynecomastia surgery cost in Central Florida?

The cost of your male reduction treatment will depend on how the procedure is performed and how much tissue as well as what type of tissue is removed. Some health insurance providers may cover gynecomastia surgery when the surgery is required to treat a medical condition, but most will not cover it. To help patients manage costs, our office provides flexible financing options and accepts various forms of payment.

Adolescent males and men who have developed excessive breast tissue are achieving a muscular and defined chest contour through male breast reduction or gynecomastia surgery at Dermatology + Plastic Surgery, led by double board-certified plastic surgeon Rebecca Novo, MD, and board-certified dermatologist Anita Saluja, MD. If you live in Melbourne, Viera, Brevard County, or nearby communities in the Central Florida area, contact our office today to learn more about male breast reduction and what it can do for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can guys develop breasts?

Yes, males can develop breast tissue.

How can gynecomastia be prevented?

Minimize drugs and medications that enhance breast tissue,

Does gynecomastia surgery leave scars?

Yes. All surgery with incisions leaves scars.

How do I know if I have gynecomastia?

If you are male, and your chest fat/breast tissue is larger than normal.

Can gynecomastia be cured without surgery?

It may be possible to decrease the breast prominence by a weight-loss and exercise program as a first-line treatment.

Can you get rid of gynecomastia without surgery?

In some cases it may be possible to decrease the breast prominence by a weight-loss and exercise program as a first-line treatment.

Can you reduce breast size without surgery?

In some cases it may be possible to decrease the breast prominence by a weight-loss and exercise program as a first-line treatment.

Does gynecomastia go away with weight loss?

It may be possible to decrease the breast prominence by a weight-loss and exercise program as a first-line treatment.

How long do you have to wear a compression garment after gynecomastia?

Depending on the surgeon and the patient, it could be recommended to wear for up to 4-6 weeks post surgery.

Can gynecomastia grow back after surgery?

If you have developed breast tissue through drug use or other lifestyle choices, gynecomastia can come back if the gynecomastia-forming habits are not stopped.

Do you lose weight after breast reduction?

Gynecomastia surgery is not a weight-loss solution, although with renewed self-esteem, many people are encouraged to start exercising to maintain or enhance their figure.

Can thyroid problems cause gynecomastia?

Thyroid issues cause a small percentage of gynecomastia cases.

How can you tell the difference between gynecomastia and Pseudogynecomastia?

Pseudogynecomastia is gynecomastia that only includes fatty tissue, not glandular. The difference can be felt, with fatty tissue feeling softer than glandular tissue, which is dense and thicker-feeling.

How do you shower after gynecomastia surgery?

Your physician and clinical team will guide you on how to cleanse after surgery. Showering is permitted after gynecomastia treatment, with patients needing to take care to avoid getting incision sites saturated. Typically no submergence or completely under water such as baths/pools/hot tubs is recommended for at least 2 weeks post-surgery.

Is gynaecomastia surgery painful?

Both liposuction and surgical excision of gynecomastia are not painful, but recovery can be uncomfortable for those with more extensive correction needed.

How long does it take to recover from male breast reduction?

Depending on the extent of your male breast reduction procedure, recovery can take from one to six weeks before returning to full activities.

How long till swelling goes down after gynecomastia surgery?

Swelling from gynecomastia surgery lasts for several weeks, with some residual swelling still present up to six months, although the majority of swelling will have gone down by that point.

What causes gynecomastia in males?

There are multiple causes of gynecomastia, including medication or drug use, weight gain, and hormone fluctuations. It is important to have your medical/primary doctor examine you for any testicular tumors/masses and have hormone levels evaluated prior to any gynecomastia surgeries or procedures.

When should I start massaging after gynecomastia surgery?

Massaging at three weeks after your male breast reduction procedure can be done to encourage the ideal results for up to 8 weeks post-procedure.

What is the best treatment for gynecomastia?

The best treatment depends on the degree of gynecomastia each patient has. Some patients can benefit from less invasive procedures such as liposuction, whereas others may need to have surgical excision.

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