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Welcome to the For Your Best Self Postcast!

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Episode 1: Get to Know Us

Get to know Dr. Novo and insight into why we wanted to do a podcast. She will discuss our practice philosophy on synergy and results focused care.

Episode 2: The 5 “R” Pyramid

Dr. Novo goes into further detail on the consultation experience and thought process. She will explain the 5 “R’s” of anti-aging: regimen, resurface, relax, refill + recontour, and redrape.

Episode 3:  Safety Episode

Drs. Saluja and Novo review how safety is an integral part of their brand, define universal precautions, PPE, how it relates to aesthetic procedures, and also review shifts in medical practice due to COVID. Also, what they are doing to maintain a healthy immune system.

Episode 4: Top Questions

Drs. Saluja and Novo review the top questions they are hearing from patients right now, and also bonus questions for fun from Vogue.

Episode 5: For Your Best Self at Every Decade

Learn what skin care, treatments and procedures we recommend for each decade of life, to be your best self. Starting in teenage years and beyond, Drs. Saluja and Novo will share what guidance they give patients for each stage. Remember age is just a number, and you will find something that resonates with your stage of #evolved-aging.

Episode 6: Event Readiness

Getting ready for an event? (Wedding, milestone birthday, reunion, or celebration?) Dr. Saluja and Dr. Novo will review the ideal timeline to prepare for any stage in life to look and feel your best.

Episode 7: Introduction to Ayurveda with Kim part I

We are learning and exploring Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine) in this first of two episodes with local expert Kim Shelpman, founding practitioner of Healing Elements Ayurveda. Learn healthy lifestyle tips to help become Your Best Self.

Episode 8: Introduction to Ayurveda with Kim part II

In part II, we explore Ayurvedic solutions for mind, body, gut, and skin. Kim shares her story about how she found Ayurveda, explains adaptogens, and how we have many healing solutions we can incorporate in our diet.

Episode 9: For Your Best Self – Breast Augmentation Surgery Consultation

Dr. Novo goes into detail about options for breast surgery and relative anatomy and procedures. She explains the consultation process and what to expect during the procedure and recovery. Breast augmentation, mastopexy a.k.a. “breast lift” and breast reduction are explained as well as what they can achieve. She explains differences between implants and approach to implants.

Episode 10: For Your Best Self – Abdominoplasty a.k.a “Tummy Tuck” Consultation

Dr. Rebecca Novo, double-board certified plastic surgeon, explains abdominoplasty, or “tummy tuck” surgery. She explains who is a candidate, what the incisions are and what the procedure entails. She explains the importance of a healthy stable weight and lifestyle for best results. Dr. Novo will go over her consultation and what post operative recovery looks like.

Episode 11: For Your Best Self – The Aesthetic of Interior Design

Monika Prasad, expert interior designer with Brian Ellison Interior Design, joins Dr. Saluja to discuss top design questions and trends. Learn how to create your best home environment. Beauty in the home is a key component of your holistic aesthetic!

Episode 12: For Your Best Self – The Essential Aesthetician Relationship

Dr. Saluja and our rockstar clinical aesthetician Michelle talk about their passions: skin care + results based treatments. Learn why an aesthetician relationship is an essential component to your lifelong skin health.

Episode 13. For Your Best Self – Make-Up Magic: A conversation with Darcy Manning

Darcy Manning, gifted professional make-up artist, sits down with Dr. Saluja to discuss her favorite must-have products & tips as well as techniques such as highlighting, contouring, and tight-lining. This episode is lots of fun!

Episode 14: For Your Best Self – Tuesdays with Tom the Best Self Rockstar

Tom Arnold, Aesthetic Consultant and patient care lead for our practice joins Dr. Novo to share advice on creating a career in aesthetics and achieving ongoing personal and professional growth. We review our philosophy on patient experience, and the importance of patient education & consultation. We also highlight the inclusive nature of our practice. Tune in to learn more about Tom and our practice!

Episode 15: Skin Injectables Part 1

Dr. Saluja discusses one of her main areas of expertise as a top cosmetic dermatologist – Aesthetic Skin Injectables. Part 1 includes an introduction of all current neuromodulators such as Botox and Dysport, and fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane, as well as the 101 of collagen stimulating Sculptra and fat dissolving injectable Kybella. Dr. Saluja also reviews what’s on the horizon (Daxi). Last, she addresses top Botox misconceptions and top filler objections.

Episode 16: Aesthetic Skin Injectables Part 2

In Part 2, Dr. Saluja continues her discussion on one of her main areas of expertise – Aesthetic Skin Injectables. This episode will cover frequently asked questions, 2021 trends & news (Covid vaccination, “Zoom face”, and more), advanced techniques such as the Y Lift and MDCodes methods, and specific treatment areas such as the jawline and lips. It’s a can’t miss quick listen!

Episode 17: Piecing it Together with Derek Gores

Dr. Novo sits down with the one and only uber-talented Derek Gores to discuss his inspiration and philosophy, artistic process, Robot Love, and his vision for Brevard and upcoming projects. See never before seen art!


Episode 18: Getting to know Dr. Renee Gasgarth

Episode 19: Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Renee Gasgarth reviews important questions you want to know before choosing a plastic surgeon and scheduling surgery, beyond titles, awards, trends, and social media. Safety and training are paramount…who/who are they going to take care of you? What is a cosmetic surgeon compared to a plastic surgeon.

Episode 20: An in-depth look at the Hetter Peel

Dr. Novo reviews one of her favorite and high-demand procedures – The Hetter Chemical Peel. Learn about the history, indications, procedure experience and post-care recovery of this popular service.

Episode 21: Dr. Gasgarth explains MyEllevate or the “Zoom Lift”

Learn more about the game-changing surgical procedure MyEllevate, also being call the “Zoom Lift” which addresses sagging under chin skin and jawline definition.

Episode 22: Anesthesia Review with guest Dr. Rob Novo

Dr. Rebecca Novo teams up with spouse and Anesthesiologist Dr. Robert Novo to review and explain anesthesia from a patient perspective on experience and safety.

Episode 23 Ultraslim

Ultraslim is a no-touch treatment using a special patented light to stimulate fat cells. The fat cells respond by opening temporary pores in the cell and emptying fat cell contents, releasing stubborn fat you just can’t seem to get rid of with diet and exercise alone. Studies show that Ultraslim can reduce fat cell size by 1/3 in only 8 min! Unlike all other non-invasive fat reduction therapies UltraSlim works immediately, showing results before you leave the room. The average patient loses 3.5″ (54.1 fluid ounces) of pure fat in a single treatment.

Episode 24: Lips 101

Dr. Gasgarth gives her take on why lip enhancement is so popular and describes plumpers, “lip flip”, filler, implants, and surgical lip lifts.

Episode 25: Invisalign & Orthodontics – Your Best Teeth – with Dr. McNeight

Orthodontist Dr. Angela McNeight and Dr. Saluja discuss top questions & answers about Invisalign and orthodontics. They also discuss beautifying the teeth, smile, lips and chin. Your best teeth and smile go hand in hand with aesthetics, your best health, and your best self. To learn more about Invisalign & Invisalign’s Diamond Plus Provider Dr. McNeight, visit 321ortho.com or @321ortho

Episode 26: Intimate Photographic Artist Olivia Womack

Intimate or boudoir photography is more than an expression of beauty – it is often a transformative experience and that leads to an empowered & confident better self. In this podcast, Dr. Saluja and intimate photographic artist Olivia Womack talk all things photography. After listening, you might just find yourself booking a consultation and portrait session. For more information on Olivia, visit her Instagram @oliviawomackphotography


Episode 27: Beautifying Your Relationships (The Love Episode)

Some people try their first beauty procedure when there is a relationship change. Dr. Saluja has a conversation with Dr. Diely Pichardo-Johansson about beautifying your relationships and love. Life is too short to live without passion and self-love is the most important, first step in all love relationships. Dr. Diely shares her stories & tips, as well as a few exercises she does with clients. Dr. Diely Pichardo-Johansson is a retired physician, life coach, author, cancer survivor, mother, and wife.

Episode 28: Eyelid bags vs. Festoons

Dr. Rebecca Novo, double board-certified plastic surgeon, reviews anatomical and etiologic causes and differences between eyelid “bags” and “festoons”. A great overview for anyone who wants to learn more about aging eyes and tools that we have to address various components or concerns.

Episode 29: Dr. Nancy Marchell: our expert Dermatological Mohs surgeon!

Dr. Rebecca Novo introduces Dr. Nancy Marchell: our expert dermatological Mohs surgeon. At Dermatology + Plastic Surgery, our vision remains seamless patient care and an unparalleled patient experience. Adding Mohs surgery was a piece of that puzzle. Dr. Marchell joined our practice bringing over 20+ years of dermatology and surgical experience. Listen to this episode to learn about Dr. Marchell, what exactly is “Mohs surgery”, what patients can expect during their procedure, and useful tips for patients preparing for Mohs surgery.

Episode 30: BussoLyft

Dr. Anita Saluja talks about PDO threads and specializes in the BussoLyft PDO Threat Treatment. It is a unique procedure designed to reposition fat pads of the skin that have been brought down by age or gravity. Lateral under eyes, cheeks and jowls are often improved. PDO Threads can be combined with other treatments for best results, and of course, maintenance is recommended. Listen to learn more!

Episode 31: Abdominoplasty: The Patient Experience

Dr. Renee Gasgarth and her amazing patient care educator turned actual patient share a personal journey through a tummy tuck with liposuction of the waist. Together Christine and Dr. Gasgarth discuss how to prepare for surgery and answer common patient questions. Want to know what the recovery is really like? Then this podcast is for you!

Episode 32: BBL Forever Young

Want to feel more confident and look youthful? Dr. Saluja shares the key information and practical tips on Broadband Light (BBL) treatments. She reviews the long-term Forever Young study where treated patients looked 9 years younger than their actual age 10 years later! BBL is designed to reverse redness, discolorations, and other visible signs of sun-damaged and aging skin. Patients who maintain a regular regimen of treatments annually can also reduce and delay the long-term signs of skin aging in a way that looks very natural.

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