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Welcome to the For Your Best Self Postcast!

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Episode 1: Get to Know Us

Get to know Dr. Novo and insight into why we wanted to do a podcast. She will discuss our practice philosophy on synergy and results focused care.

Episode 2: The 5 “R” Pyramid

Dr. Novo goes into further detail on the consultation experience and thought process. She will explain the 5 “R’s” of anti-aging: regimen, resurface, relax, refill + recontour, and redrape.

Episode 3:  Safety Episode

Drs. Saluja and Novo review how safety is an integral part of their brand, define universal precautions, PPE, how it relates to aesthetic procedures, and also review shifts in medical practice due to COVID. Also, what they are doing to maintain a healthy immune system.

Episode 4: Top Questions

Drs. Saluja and Novo review the top questions they are hearing from patients right now, and also bonus questions for fun from Vogue.

Episode 5: For Your Best Self at Every Decade

Learn what skin care, treatments and procedures we recommend for each decade of life, to be your best self. Starting in teenage years and beyond, Drs. Saluja and Novo will share what guidance they give patients for each stage. Remember age is just a number, and you will find something that resonates with your stage of #evolved-aging.

Episode 6: Event Readiness

Getting ready for an event? (Wedding, milestone birthday, reunion, or celebration?) Dr. Saluja and Dr. Novo will review the ideal timeline to prepare for any stage in life to look and feel your best.

Episode 7: Introduction to Ayurveda with Kim part I

We are learning and exploring Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine) in this first of two episodes with local expert Kim Shelpman, founding practitioner of Healing Elements Ayurveda. Learn healthy lifestyle tips to help become Your Best Self.

Episode 8: Introduction to Ayurveda with Kim part II

In part II, we explore Ayurvedic solutions for mind, body, gut, and skin. Kim shares her story about how she found Ayurveda, explains adaptogens, and how we have many healing solutions we can incorporate in our diet.

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