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Safety has always been in the forefront of our practice. Here are May’s highlights:

– No touch check out at our kiosks.- We are practicing universal infection control precautions, following social distancing, and CDC Coronavirus Guidelines.

– Wearing a mask is recommended.

– If you are experiencing, or have had in the past two weeks, a fever, chills, cold, cough, or any upper respiratory symptoms or airline travel, please call to reschedule your appointment.

– Hand sanitizer is available at entry.

– Pens and all surfaces will be disinfected prior and after use.

– After check in, we will bring you back into an exam room. You may wait in your vehicle as an alternative.

– You may call ahead for products to be ready for pick up or order them online at http://www.foryourbestskin.com.

Clean Facial. Clean Skin.

– Patented plastic tips are single use for each treatment.

– Self cleaning mode circulates cleanser throughout the system between treatments.

– One-directional tubing which means fluid can only go one way.

April is Rosacea Awareness Month. Rosacea flares during times of stress and your complexion matters to us.

Here are some helpful Do’s and Don’ts for red & sensitive skin. For more general rosacea information, please visit www.rosacea.org.

Do make a medical visit to evaluate & review treatment options. Rosacea is considered a medical condition.

Do know your triggers such as heat, sun, stress, certain foods & beverages, and ingredients in skin care.

Do consider an Excel V laser treatment series to lessen sensitivity, visible capillaries, and redness.

Don’t ignore skin redness, sensitivity, rosacea when it is mild as early diagnosis and treatment works better.

Don’t use scrubs or acne specific washes. Gentle cleansing such as with SalujaMD aloe cleanser can be helpful.

Don’t use a chemical sunscreen; choose All Calm mineral sunscreen specifically designed to calm rosacea.


This young, kind spirited mom and businesswoman was tired of her breast implants and elected to have them removed.

We were fortunate to do her surgery prior to restrictions on surgery were placed.

Here we are at her post op, both feeling happy, practicing our social distancing farewell.

Read more about breast surgery with Dr. Novo here.

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