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You may be considering breast reduction if you have extremely large and heavy breasts that may be causing back, shoulder, or neck pain, rashes, bra strap grooving, or simply because your body looks out of proportion. Dermatology + Plastic Surgery, led by double board-certified plastic surgeon Rebecca Novo, MD, and board-certified dermatologist Anita Saluja, MD, provides breast reduction procedures for residents of Melbourne, Viera, Brevard County, and surrounding communities in Central Florida.


Breast reduction surgery reduces the size, weight, and volume of one or both breasts by removing excess breast tissue. It may also alter the shape and position of the breasts and areola (darker skin surrounding the nipple). This procedure is ideal for women with large breasts who are experiencing physical symptoms due to excess breast tissue.


Very large breasts often cause numerous concerns, such as pain in the back, neck, or shoulders, and some patients develop a spine condition known as thoracic kyphosis that may cause respiratory problems. Some patients complain of uncomfortable rashes or skin irritation underneath the breasts or deep grooves from the shoulder bra strap. Others simply want to improve their appearance by creating a more proportioned and streamlined body contour. If your breasts are too large or heavy for your overall frame and are causing any type of physical discomfort or embarrassment, you may benefit from breast reduction.




Breast reduction is a safe procedure that may help alleviate the following conditions:

  • Neck, shoulder, or back pain caused by excessively large and heavy breasts.
  • Chronic chafing or rashes underneath your breasts due to excessive weight and volume.
  • Improved symmetry if one breast is disproportionately larger than the other.
  • Breasts that look and feel extremely large and heavy for your frame.
  • Impaired physical activity due to excessively large breasts.
  • Self-consciousness or embarrassment caused by the size of your breasts.


Each procedure is personalized to the individual and will depend on such factors as your age, lifestyle, and goals. Breast reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure.

During this procedure, incisions will be created to remove breast tissue and skin, reducing the size, weight, and volume of the breast tissue. The nipple and areola may be moved to a higher position, and the size of the areola may be reduced. The skin around the breasts is tightened, and the breast tissue is lifted to create a streamlined body contour and a smaller, more proportionate breast size.


Breast reduction surgery results can be longstanding with maintenance of a healthy lifestyle and stable weight. Some longevity of results is dependent on each patient’s unique tissue quality. Surgery cannot prevent such factors as the aging process, weight fluctuations, hormonal changes, and other factors that may affect the size and shape of your breasts over time. Some patients choose to have a follow-up procedure after some years to address other concerns that may arise over time.


You should plan to take about a week of downtime to recover from your breast reduction procedure. It is not uncommon to experience mild discomfort for the first three to seven days. You may be required to wear a compression garment or surgical bra to support the swollen tissue and assist the body in adjusting to its new shape. After a week, you may return to office work and light activity, though you should avoid lifting heavy objects. Most of the swelling and discomfort will subside within three weeks, and you may gradually return to more strenuous activity and exercise. In about two to three months, the breast tissue will have settled into its new contour, and breast reduction scars will begin to fade.

Our team will provide you with detailed instructions regarding how to care for your incision site during the first few weeks of recovery. You will also have a follow-up visit with your surgeon to ensure that your breasts are healing properly.


In the majority of cases, your ability to breastfeed in the future will not be impaired by breast reduction surgery, and many patients who’ve had breast reduction are able to nurse their babies successfully.


Every patient’s needs are unique, and every procedure is personalized, so costs may vary between patients. To help our patients manage costs and payment, Dermatology + Plastic Surgery offers financing and flexible payment options.

If you are uncomfortable due to overly large or heavy breasts that impair your quality of life or self-confidence, consider a breast reduction procedure. Residents of Melbourne, Viera, Brevard County, or neighboring communities in Central Florida can learn more about breast reduction procedures at Dermatology + Plastic Surgery, led by double board-certified plastic surgeon Rebecca Novo, MD, and board-certified dermatologist Anita Saluja, MD. Contact our office for a consultation today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can breast grow back after reduction?

Yes this is possible with weight changes and genetics.

How do breast reductions work?

Breast reductions are done by safely removing breast tissue and excess skin.

How is the recovery from breast reduction?

After your breast reduction, you will feel fatigued and sore. Soreness may persist for two to three weeks. Most patients are ready to return to work within two weeks.

How long does it take breast reduction to heal?

Breast reductions take between two to six weeks to heal.

How many cup sizes can you go down with breast reduction?

Most patients go down two to three cup sizes with breast reduction.

When can I sleep without a bra after breast reduction?

Every patient is different but it is recommended that you wear a support bra for the first several weeks up to several months post breast reduction

When can I wear a normal bra after breast reduction?

Regular bras can be resumed after 4 weeks.

Do you lose weight after breast reduction?

Having a breast reduction is not related to a major weight loss after surgery. Could have slight weight loss of a few pounds.

Has anyone had a second breast reduction?

Yes, there are some patients who have had multiple breast reductions over the years.

How long does it take for swelling to go down after breast reduction?

Swelling after breast reduction could last 2-4 months.

Is it OK to wear a sports bra after breast reduction?

Yes, it is fine to wear a supportive sports bra after surgery. Typically, patients wear the sports bras that hook in the front.

Can you drink alcohol after breast reduction?

You should avoid alcohol for 2 to 6 weeks after having breast surgery, and also try to limit your intake in the weeks leading up to surgery.

Do you lose feeling in your nipples after breast reduction?

A slight reduction OR total loss in sensitivity could be possible temporarily or permanent.

How long do stitches stay in after breast reduction?

Stitches are dissolvable and can take 6-12 months for the stitches to fully dissolve after surgery.

How long does it take to recover from a breast reduction?

Typically we request at least a week off but ideally 2 weeks. 6 weeks is the full recovery to resume all normal activity.

How much do breast reductions cost?

Breast reductions can range on pricing depending on the doctor. A range could be between 8,000-12,000.

Does breast size affect weight?

Breasts are partly composed of fatty tissue, so any increase or decrease in body weight could also affect breast size.

Does insurance pay for breast reduction?

Breast lifts can be covered under insurance on a case by case basis. Must be evaluated by your doctor and submitted to insurance appropriately.

Does weight gain increase breast size?

Breasts are partly composed of fatty tissue, so any increase or decrease in body weight could also affect breast size.

How can I reduce my cup size?

Yes, reduction in cup size would be possible after a breast reduction.



   “Dr. Novo is phenomenal.  Her staff is  super friendly! I am very happy with the surgical procedure I had done, and would definitely recommend her.”

   “Dr Novo and staff are so incredibly kind and encouraging. I felt completely confident that I was in great hands to finally have the flat stomach I wanted so much! My results have been unbelievable! Currently, I am only 7 weeks out and I feel great. My scar is already minimal. I am so happy I chose Dr Novo!”

   “Dr Novo is an absolute gem, as well as her whole team! I felt extremely welcomed and comfortable from the moment I walked in for a consultation and the level of care they provided throughout the whole time was excellent! She is so knowledgeable and well spoken, I always felt like she took all of my concerns and interests to heart. Her assistant Aggie is also a complete angel and I really enjoyed working with her. Thank you Dr Novo and the rest of your team for making this such an easy and great experience. Also want to mention I am beyond thrilled with the results!”

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