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What is Skinvive?

SKINVIVE™ is a Hyaluronic Acid injectable by JUVÉDERM® that helps the skin retain its natural moisture and softness leading to an improvement in the skin smoothness of the cheeks. The first and only hyaluronic acid microdroplet injectable indicated to improve cheek skin smoothness.

Think GLOW

  • Glow for up to 6 months
  • L- Lasting Cheek smoothness
  • O- Only microdroplet treatment that hydrates from within.
    • An increase in skin hydration was seen as early as one month
  • W- Without the need of a series of treatments

How long does Skinvive last?

SKINVIVE™ lasts 6 months with optimal treatment.

Can I use my Alle rewards with Skinvive?


How much does Skinvive cost?

Typical treatment requires 3 syringes of SKINVIVE™ and package pricing is offered for best savings. A package of 3 syringes costs $1,050.

Is the treatment painful?

The treatment is tolerated well and very little pain is felt during the treatment. Typical treatments are either 2 or 4 syringes. The ideal candidate is someone who needs help to hydrate their skin but is not looking for a correction to the cheeks.

What are the Key Benefits of Skinvive?

Radiant Glow: Rediscover your skin’s natural radiance as Skinvive gently nourishes, hydrates, and revitalizes your complexion, leaving you with a luminous, youthful glow.

Age-Defying: Helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and other visible signs of skin aging, promoting a smoother and firmer skin texture.

Deep Hydration: Experience deep, long-lasting hydration with Skinvive’s advanced moisturizing properties, ensuring your skin stays supple, soft, and incredibly hydrated all day long.

Long Lasting: Provides a glow to the skin for up to 6 months.

Skinvive Statistics:

85% of patients showed global aesthetic improvement at one month and results persisted for 6 months.

  • Treatments typically takes just 10-15 minutes, making it a convenient treatment for patients.

Treatment did not disrupt daily activities. Little to no downtown after treatment.

  • At one month, 74% of patients noted an increase in glow, 78% % of patients noted an increase in hydration, 79% % of patients noted their skin looking refreshed and 84% % of patients noted an increase in the healthy appearance of their skin.

What are the pre and post care instructions?

Minimize strenuous exercise, exposure to extensive sun or heat, and alcoholic beverages within the first 24 hours following treatment. Exposure to any of these may cause temporary redness, swelling, and/or itching at the injection site

Tell your doctor if you are using any medication that can prolong bleeding, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or other blood thinners. As with any injection, this may increase bruising or bleeding at the injection site

Tell your doctor if you are planning laser treatment, chemical peeling, or any other procedure after SKINVIVE™ by JUVÉDERM®. There is a possible risk of an inflammatory reaction at the treatment site

This product is intended for improving skin smoothness of the cheeks. The safety and effectiveness for treatment in other areas of the body have not been established

Tell your doctor if you are on therapy used to decrease the body’s immune response. Use may result in an increased risk of infection

Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. The safety for use during pregnancy, or in women who are breastfeeding, has not been studied

Tell your doctor if you have a history of excessive scarring (thick, hard scars). The safety of this product in patients with a history of excessive scarring has not been studied and may result in additional scars

Tell your specialist if you have a history of pigmentation disorders, as use of this product in patients with a history of pigmentation disorders has not been studied and may result in changes in pigmentation



Dr. Saluja is fantastic, gentle and knows her stuff.

I always have a wonderful experience when I visit either location. DeeDee is extremely patient and empathetic during laser treatments. Dr. Saluja and her office assistants are helpful, knowledgeable and honest. I get the best skincare advice and product recommendations here. Highly recommend!

Dr. Saluja and her staff are excellent.

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