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Chemical peels have long been used as a solution for a variety of skin concerns, ranging from acne to deep-set lines and wrinkles. In Central Florida, sun damage and sunspots are an especially common concern for our patients. The For Your Best Self team, lead by board-certified dermatoligst Anita Saluja, MD and double board-certified plastic surgeon Rebecca Novo, MD, provide the Hetter Peel to our patients.

After searching for an additional anti-aging skin treatment, our doctors were impressed with the Hetter peel results in smoothing wrinkles and reversing sun damage. To be the first to bring the Hetter peel to Brevard, Dr. Novo has completed specialized on site training with a world leader in chemical peels. Dr. Novo personally performs this medium depth peel, in the comfort of the office.

Chemical peels have been in use for decades because of their ability to dramatically reduce signs of aging without requiring surgery or more invasive techniques. Advances in peel formulas have resulted in what is known as the Hetter Peel, which can be used to treat moderate to severe wrinkling and other skin concerns with reduced side effects compared to the peels of the past. For Your Best Self offers the Hetter Peel at our Melbourne, Florida location.

What is a Hetter Peel?

The Hetter Peel is a medium depth chemical peel and is also known as a modified Phenol Peel. This treatment addresses texture and pigmentation problems in the skin, particularly signs of aging such as wrinkles and age spots. The peel is composed of croton oil, phenol, and water. Croton oil is used to increase the ability of phenol to penetrate the skin, resulting in a deeper peel.

What Can the Hetter Peel Treat?

The Hetter Peel can be used to treat fine lines and wrinkles (including deep-set wrinkles), extensive sun damage, and age spots. It tightens the skin, improves unwanted pigmentation, and softens wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, and forehead. Finally, the Hetter Peel can be used to reduce scars, including acne scars.

Who Should Consider a Hetter Peel?

Most patients who have deep wrinkles, sun damage, or facial scarring and are generally healthy make good candidates for the Hetter Peel. However, those with a tendency for abnormal scarring or pigmentation, freckled skin, or facial warts should not undergo Hetter Peel treatment. Finally, certain facial treatments, particularly those for acne, can not be used within the same year as a Hetter Peel. Your candidacy for a Hetter Peel can be determined during a consultation.


Following a Hetter Peel, most patients experience some a temporary mild heat sensation, which can be treated with over-the-counter pain medication, as well as some swelling and redness. For the first two weeks after receiving a Hetter Peel, specialized post procedure skin care is applied to the skin. During this period, patients should refrain from their normal physical activities and sun exposure to optimize healing.

Because of our innovative pre and post care regimen, we have decreased healing time of this medium depth peel by 50%, healing is complete in most patients within 1 week. Slight concealable  pinkness remains for up to 1-2 months which signifies ongoing collagen building in the skin = antiaging!

The procedure is comfortably performed with topical and injected numbing (nerve blocks) when needed.

If you have a history of HSV cold sores or fever blisters you should alert your practitioner of this history or any active infection. We take great care to prepare you for your pre and post care for each procedure. Please see our complete pre and post care instructions here.


In the office, small areas (around the eyes, or around the mouth) can be treated at one visit. A treatment typically costs $750 per area. Cost may vary in combination with other treatments. Larger areas are often done in the operating room in combination with facial procedures with cost is determined in consultation.

To get started with your Hetter Peel treatment, schedule a consultation by calling our Melbourne, FL ad Indialantic, office at (321) 395-3298 or contacting us online. Our experts will determine whether this is the best treatment for your unique situation and help guide you to a safe and effective solution.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hetter peel?

A chemical peel that addresses pigmentation, wrinkles and age spots

Which is the strongest chemical peel?

Phenol chemical peel

What does a Hetter Peel cost?

Can range from $750 to $1000 per area

What is the recovery for a Hetter Peel?

Approximately 1 week of down time with redness and slight swelling, mild redness that is concealable may last a few months.

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