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The common problem of a double chin may detract from your overall appearance by making you look older or heavier than you actually are. Kybella® is a new treatment that specifically eliminates a double chin and is now available at Dermatology + Plastic Surgery, led by board-certified dermatologist Anita Saluja, MD, and double board-certified plastic surgeon Rebecca Novo, MD. We serve residents of Melbourne, Indialantic, Viera, Brevard County, the beaches, and nearby areas in Central Florida. 

Kybella® Before and After Pictures Melbourne, FL

What Causes A Double Chin?

Kybella® in Melbourne, FLSome people are born with a double chin, while others develop a double chin during the aging process. Excess weight may also cause the development of a double chin. The more fatty tissue you have in your body, the more likely you are to develop a double chin. Other contributing factors may include genetic traits, such as facial bone structure. When a double chin is the result of genetic factors, diet or exercise cannot eliminate it.

How can Kybella® improve my appearance?

Kybella® Before and After Pictures Melbourne, FL Kybella® Before and After Pictures Melbourne, FL

If you want to eliminate a double chin, Kybella® can give you the smooth, defined profile you seek. Kybella® treatment effectively reduces submental fullness or the fatty tissue beneath the chin that produces the double chin effect. Kybella® tightens and tones the chin and jaw line, restoring a firmer, more contoured profile. Kybella® is FDA-approved, minimally invasive, and requires no recovery period.

How does Kybella® work?

Kybella®is an injection treatment. It is a less-invasive alternative to liposuction that safely and effectively destroys fat cells accumulated specifically under the chin and which your body then eliminates naturally. Kybella® is a widely used and respected treatment for improving facial contour due to its ability to break down fat cells that the body eliminates naturally.

Has Kybella® been tested for safety and effectiveness?

Yes, Kybella® has been through over 20 clinical trials to evaluate its safety and effectiveness. These studies included over 1,600 Kybella®patients, tracking and evaluating their results over an extended period. Almost 80 percent of patients in the study reported total satisfaction with their Kybella® treatment, also reporting that the treatment improved their self-esteem and appearance.  Kybella® is FDA approved.

Who can benefit from Kybella® Injections?

Kybella® is suitable for healthy adults to reduce the appearance of a double chin, and for those who have undergone excessive weight loss but still have submental fullness or a double chin. Kybella® is a non-invasive alternative to plastic surgery, so it is also recommended for those who cannot undergo surgery for any reason, or for those who prefer a less invasive treatment that requires no downtime yet produces dramatic results.

What is the cost of Kybella® treatment In Melbourne, FL?

The cost of Kybella® treatment will vary based on the amount of product required for your treatment. The usual range is from $600-$1200 per treatment with 2 to 4 treatments typically being required. Kybella® is generally considered long-lasting or permanent. To help manage the costs of your Kybella® treatment, our office accepts a variety of payment options.

Don’t let a double chin detract from your appearance. Kybella®, a safe and effective treatment that is also quick and convenient, is now available for residents of Melbourne, Indialantic, Viera, the beaches, or nearby areas in Brevard County and Central Florida at Dermatology + Plastic Surgery, led by board-certified dermatologist Anita Saluja, MD, and double-board certified plastic surgeon Rebecca Novo, MD. Contact us now!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Kybella last?

With a stable weight, Kybella is a permanent reduction of fat

Does Kybella really work?

Yes, it is FDA approved and proven to dissolve fat

Is Kybella safe?

Yes, Kybella is safe. You will experience some mild to moderate swelling for approximately one week.

What is the Kybella treatment?

Kybella treatment is mapped out by the physician and based on the size of treatment area determines on how much is used and injected

How much does 1 vial of Kybella cost?

$500 per vial

Can Kybella make you look worse?

No, you may experience some mild to moderate swelling in the area treated for approximately one week.

Does Kybella leave loose skin?

No, Kybella helps dissolve the fat to tighten the skin

How many sessions of Kybella do you need?

The best results are done with a series of 6 treatments. We have had great results with 3-4 treatments on average. This also depends on what the patients desired results are.

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