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Radiesse® is a minimally invasive dermal filler alternative to plastic surgery that revolumizes and recontours the face, as well as diminishes the appearance of folds while boosting collagen production. Residents of Melbourne, Indialantic, Viera, Brevard County, the beaches, and surrounding areas in Central Florida may learn more about Radiesse® treatments and how they can refresh their appearance at Dermatology + Plastic Surgery, led by board-certified dermatologist Anita Saluja, MD and double board-certified plastic surgeon Rebecca Novo, MD.

How does Radiesse® work?

Radiesse® is an injectable filler that diminishes the appearance of moderate to severe wrinkles, folds, and creases while also triggering collagen production, which improves volume, fullness, and elasticity by nourishing the skin at the cellular level.

Radiesse for men and women is ideal for flattened cheeks, smile lines, corners of mouth, marionette lines, and the jowl area.

What makes Radiesse® unique?

Radiesse® is a highly valued treatment that provides specific advantages over other dermal filler injections. Because it works by triggering natural collagen production, the skin continues to improve over time. Radiesse® results last for up to 18 months. Some of the unique benefits of Radiesse® include:

  • Special gel formula containing calcium hydroxylapatite, a natural ingredient found in healthy skin
  • Very low risk of allergic reaction
  • Minimal downtime or recovery period
  • Immediate results followed by gradual improvements over the course of three months
  • Results that last up to eighteen months

How Is Radiesse® Administered?

After applying a topical numbing agent to the treatment areas to alleviate possible discomfort, Radiesse® is injected directly into each target area using a very fine-gauge needle. Treatment takes between 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the topical anesthetic time and number of injections needed. Results will be immediately noticeable after the treatment, but your skin will continue to improve. Initial bruising and swelling up to one to two weeks may occur post-treatment.

Who can get the most benefit from a Radiesse® treatment?

Radiesse® is a safe and effective FDA-approved treatment for healthy adults. However, Radiesse® may not be suitable for everyone. At your initial consultation, we will evaluate your medical history, age, lifestyle and the condition of your skin to determine if you can benefit from this treatment. Radiesse® is designed specifically to treat the appearance of lines, wrinkles, creases, and folds, as well as augmenting volume to fill in sunken contours in the facial area. Radiesse® is also used to treat facial lipoatrophy, a condition that causes loss of fat and volume in the face.Pre-treatment preparation for Radiesse®

Radiesse® is made with all-natural ingredients, so adverse reactions to the gel formula are rare, but prior to treatment, we will want to know if you have a history of allergies, skin reactions, or any other medical conditions. You may have to postpone treatments if any infection, inflammation or other irritation appears on the skin. You may need to temporarily suspend certain blood thinning medications or supplements one week prior to treatment.

What is the cost of Radiesse® in Central Florida?

The cost of Radiesse® depends on how many injections you require. Cost estimates are $600 to $1200. Health insurance does usually not cover dermal fillers such as Radiesse®, but Dermatology + Plastic Surgery accepts various forms of payment to make payments more convenient for our patients.

Radiesse Uses

Radiesse for marionette lines – Radiesse can be used like normal dermal fillers for marionette lines with the added benefit of increasing collagen in the region where it’s used.

Radiesse for sagging jowls – By helping to increase collagen, Radiesse might be able to firm up the jowls or provide a change in contour to the jawline.

Radiesse for nasolabial folds – Nasolabial folds are a highly common use for Radiesse to soften the appearance of this area.

Radiesse for cheek enhancement – As a volumizing filler, Radiesse can be helpful in adding volume or contour to the cheeks, while also strengthening the skin structure with increased collagen.

Radiesse for nose bridge – In some cases, Radiesse might help someone looking for a liquid nose lift or a temporary change in nasal contour.

Radiesse for cheek hollows – Filling in volume in the cheeks is one option for treatment with Radiesse, although other more resilient formulas might be preferred depending on your anatomy and concerns.

Radiesse for frown lines – One way to soften the appearance of frown lines is to inject the area with a dermal filler. Radiesse goes a step further by increasing available collagen to prevent these wrinkles from deepening.

Radiesse for cheek volume – Restoring lost volume to the cheeks is one way Radiesse can help rejuvenate your appearance.

Radiesse for hand rejuvenation – Radiesse is among few other FDA-approved formulas for injection into the back of the hands for volume loss.

Radiesse for jaw asymmetry – Dermal fillers like Radiesse are great for evening out asymmetry in the jaw and throughout the face.

Radiesse for tear trough – The tear trough is a strategic location for Radiesse injections for people wanting a different cheek contour or who have under-eye sagging.

Radiesse for laugh lines – Laugh lines around the mouth can be smoothed with a little Radiesse, which also helps prevent the wrinkles from worsening thanks to the collagen-stimulating effects of the formula.

Radiesse for back of hands – The backs of the hands can give away a person’s true age when they notice the visible volume loss. This is why Radiesse was developed for use in the hands as well as the face.

Radiesse for orange peel skin – Orange peel skin occurs when there’s a lack of structure supporting the hair follicles we call pores. Radiesse provides both helpful physical volume as well as more collagen to the area to help it appear smoother.

Radiesse for chin augmentation – People who want to see what they might look like with chin implants

Radiesse for cheek bone – Increase cheek bone definition with soft dermal fillers like Radiesse or add volume in areas that are missing it.

Radiesse for hollow eyes – One of the first areas to lose volume, sag, and look hollow are the eyes. Radiesse helps physically fill in this area naturally while boosting collagen production for firmer skin.

Radiesse for smoker’s lines – Some lines on the lips and around the mouth are due to a lifetime of puckering, something long-time smokers might experience. With precise Radiesse injections, these areas can be filled and smoothed out.

Radiesse for forehead lines – Forehead lines may or may not be due to volume loss or lack of collagen, but when they are, Radiesse can help.

Radiesse for under eye hollows – Hollows under the eyes can be a clear indication of older age, but Radiesse can help firm up this area and provide needed volume.

Radiesse for scars – Scars such as those from acne may leave depressions in the skin that dermal fillers like Radiesse can physically lift up for a smoother appearance. In addition, Radiesse provides more collagen for that area to rebuild and heal in the long run.

Radiesse for hollow cheeks – Hollow, sunken cheeks can look smooth and youthful with dermal fillers including Radiesse.

Radiesse for hand rejuvenation – Volume loss in the hands can be an obvious and embarrassing indicator of your age. With Radiesse, you can fill this area naturally with a collagen-building formula.

Radiesse for oblong face – Facial asymmetry or awkward contours can be helped with dermal fillers, especially before you consider a more invasive, dramatic approach to facial contouring.

Radiesse for cheek lift – Dermal fillers like Radiesse can provide a lifted appearance to the cheeks without the need for facial surgery like a facelift.

Radiesse for jaw asymmetry – Abnormal jaw contours can be balanced out with precise treatment of Radiesse or other dermal fillers.

Radiesse for smile lines – Smile lines occur around the mouth and when they start to appear when you’re not making facial expressions, a dermal filler and collagen-boosting formula can be a great solution. Radiesse does just that.

Radiesse for temples – Forehead contours can be asymmetrical, but a dermal filler like Radiesse placed in just the right spot can make it seem even and balanced.

Radiesse for chicken pox scars – If you’ve got facial scarring due to chicken pox, Radiesse might be ideal to help fill in areas of depressed tissue while promoting more collagen as part of the healing process.

Radiesse for acne scars – Acne scars are often a great use case for a collagen-building formula like Radiesse.

Radiesse for neck lines – Lines and banding on the neck can belie even the most youthful-looking face. Fill in wrinkles and stimulate collagen production for long-term benefits with Radiesse.

Radiesse for anti aging – Radiesse can be part of an anti-aging treatment plan, as its ability to stimulate collagen production helps in the long term to firm up skin and give it extra structure.

Radiesse for chin fold – If you are dissatisfied with the dimple or fold on or near your chin, a dermal filler like Radiesse can smooth it out for a more natural appearance.

Radiesse for crow’s feet – In some cases, crow’s feet might be able to be treated with Radiesse or dermal fillers, rather than the normal treatment of neuromodulators.

Radiesse® is a unique treatment that rejuvenates facial skin and takes years off your appearance. If you are a resident of Melbourne, Indialantic, Viera, Brevard County, the beaches, or nearby communities in Central Florida, contact Dermatology + Plastic Surgery, led by board-certified dermatologist Anita Saluja, MD and double board-certified plastic surgeon Rebecca Novo, MD, to find out how injectable filler treatments such as Radiesse® may help your skin look years younger. The doctors specialize in skillful, artful, and thoughtful injections.



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