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The Very Best in Noninvasive Fat Reduction: UltraSlim®


We are each born with a set number of fat cells that shrink and enlarge as we lose and gain weight throughout our lives. Most other modalities that remove or destroy fat cells run the same risk of causing unpredictable weight gain in other areas of the body once a certain fat store is removed or depleted. After researching many fat loss and body sculpting modalities we came to the conclusion that fat cell shrinking was the most attractive and low-risk treatment and wanted to offer it to our patients.


Ultraslim® is a no-touch treatment using a special patented light to stimulate fat cells. The treated fat cells respond by opening temporary pores in the cell and emptying the fat cell contents, releasing stubborn fat you just can’t seem to get rid of with dieting or exercise. Studies show that UltraSlim® can reduce fat cell size by one-third in only 8 minutes. Each 32-minute treatment session includes four 8-minute exposures, with one each to the front, the back, the left side, and the right side. Unlike all other non-invasive fat reduction therapies, UltraSlim® works immediately, showing dramatic results before you leave the treatment room. The average patient loses 3.5” (54.1 fluid ounces) of pure fat! Some patients lose over 10” at a single treatment!



  • Immediate Results. Coolsculpting® takes 12 to 16 weeks to see measurable change, SculptSure® takes 6 to 12 weeks. and UltraSlim® takes only 32 minutes!
  • Without dieting, exercise, medications, or surgery, patients lost an average of 1,580cc of fat in just 32 minutes (3.5” combined waist, hips, and thighs) from a single treatment session.
  • Every patient had clinically significant losses at each visit, ranging from 717cc to 4,608cc (1 5/8” to 10” from the waist, hips, and thighs).
  • UltraSlim® Professional is the only fat reduction device classified in the lowest risk category as a Risk Group 1 device. There are no side effects, complications, or adverse events.
  • Patients seen at follow-up had lost an additional 1 1/8” of fat during the week following treatment. With UltraSlim®, patients lose the fat permanently through a natural bodily function known as “lipolysis”, whereby the contents of their fat cells are cleared by the digestive and lymphatic body systems.


UltraSlim uses an American-made, FDA-cleared red light system (made in Brevard!). The patented technology is based on modulating a specific type of red light to trick the mitochondria in the nucleus of the fat cell into creating a transitory pore in the cell membrane, allowing the fatty acids and triglycerides to escape into the interstitial space. The liberated fat cell contents are then drained by the lymphatic system and processed by the liver as part of the body’s natural detoxification. The pore in the fat cell will close in about 48-72 hours and the liberated contents will be expelled by your digestive system over the next few days.

UltraSlim operates at the cellular level and does not generate heat as part of the action mechanism, but is instead part of an extremely complex, cascading photochemical mechanism.  This is called UltraSlim Cold Light®. Completely non-invasive, red light technologies have never shown any recorded side effects and patients do not experience any discomfort during the treatments. As an added benefit, the modulated red light also delivers tighter and smoother skin by adding new collagen and elastin.

IS UltraSlim® Noninvasive Fat Loss SAFE?

Yes. 100% safe. UltraSlim® Professional is the only body contouring device classified by FDA in the lowest risk group, Risk Group 1. There are always risks with liposuction and other body contouring devices, such as Coolsculpting®, SculpSure®, and Zerona®. There are no side effects or adverse outcomes with UltraSlim Professional. Only UltraSlim Professional is proven to be 100% safe.

Do some people respond better than others? Yes. Patients with a higher metabolic rate are better able to excrete the fat cell contents and enjoy better results. However, UltraSlim works for patients of all ages and skin types.

IS UltraSlim® Noninvasive Fat Loss FOR EVERYONE?

UltraSlim should not be used by those who are pregnant, have active cancer, or have photosensitive conditions. When UltraSlim empties the fat cells, the liver causes fatty acids and triglycerides to be voided by the body. Accordingly, individuals with compromised liver function and conditions such as alcoholism should not receive UltraSlim.


  • We will see you in consultation and schedule you for your treatment course.
  • We will review tips to optimize results such as adding dry brushing, rebounding or vibration plates, and herbal supplements (not mandatory for results but for those motivated to maximize measurable change)
  • You will arrive and be checked into our treatment suite and consent, photos, and measurements will be taken by our skilled patient educator.
  • We will assist you in positioning on our chair/table, and the light panel will be adjusted and focused on the treatment area.
  • Treatment time will be variable based on fat loss or skin tightening goals and the body areas. Typically a classic fat reduction treatment will be 32 min long (4 rotations of 8 min exposures).
  • A complete treatment course for fat reduction on average is 6 (range 3 to 12) treatments, scheduled 1 -2 weeks apart.
  • Ultraslim will NOT work if you eat more or exercise less than you were doing prior to Ultraslim.



  • Waist/Hips or Arm Fat reduction – 32-minute treatment time – 1-hour appointment – $500/per treatment – plans average 6 treatments ($3,000)
  • Noninvasive Breast reduction and lift – 8-minute treatment time – 1-hour appointment – $1500 – single treatment
  • Facelift/skin rejuvenation- 40-minute treatment time – 1-hour appointment – $500/per treatment – plans average 6 treatments ($3,000) We encourage monthly maintenance treatments for $500/treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an UltraSlim session cost?

Each UltraSlim session costs $400- 500 dollars (based on treatment areas) advised in a series of sixu2026.therefore, you should expect to invest about $3,000.

Is UltraSlim painful?

UltraSlim is a painless procedure with no side effects after your treatment.

Is UltraSlim FDA approved?

Yes, UltraSlim is FDA-approved.

When fat is released from the fat cell, where does it go?

Fat cells are removed from the body by the digestive and lymphatic systems.

Does insurance cover Ultra Slim?

Since UltraSlim is a cosmetic procedure, it is not covered by insurance.

How long does UltraSlim results last?

After UltraSlim treatment, fat cells are globally reduced in size so results should be permanent if you maintain a healthy balanced diet and exercise routine.

Is UltraSlim permanent?

UltraSlim permanently reduces the size of fat cells so as long as you maintain a good diet and exercise routine, the results will be permanent.

What results should I expect with Ultrasilm?

You can expect to lose 3.5 inches combined from your waist, thighs, and hips. As your body removes the bulky contents of fat cells, these results may improve more within the week following treatment.

How effective is UltraSlim?

UltraSlim is very SAFE and effective and patients have lost up to 10 inches from their waist, hips, and thighs.

How many ultraslim treatments are needed?

6 UltraSlim treatments are recommended for most patients. Commonly patients are so pleased they choose additional areas or sessions for special occasions.



Amazing treatment! We have been to many doctors throughout the US and this is the best. Dr Saluja could be one of the top dermatologists in New York or Los Angeles and we’re fortunate enough to have her offices here in Melbourne — very comfortable office.

Dr. Saluja and staff members are nothing but the best. I’ve been receiving Botox and fillers for almost two years now and the results never fail to impress me. I always recommend to anybody and everybody!

   “The best dermatologist office! I love all the staff at Dermatology + Plastic Surgery! They are all so nice and helpful! I have seen Beth, PA for my skin scan for 5 years now.  I trust her medical judgement and thoroughness. I recommended friends and family to this practice. Long time patient!”

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