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Breast Augmentation Before and After Pictures in Melbourne, FL

Breast Augmentation 1

Patient is a 27 year old active female before and two weeks after primary breast augmentation with Style 410 shaped silicone gel implants and placement of EXPAREL®

Breast Augmentation 2

Breast Augmentation 3

34 year old mother with existing breast implants, who was dissatisfied with her breast asymmetry post partum. Patient underwent bilateral implant exchange, and left mastopexy and capsulorrhaphy for symmetry.

Breast Augmentation 4

Breast Augmentation 5

28 year old female before and 1 month after submuscular silicone gummy breast augmentation. Inframammary incisions will invisible over time.

Breast Augmentation 6

30-year-old mother of two, who wanted to feel more feminine in her clothing and swimwear. Together we chose a natural and proportionate size silicone gel implant, placed under the muscle, in a dual-plane method. Her volume is 295cc. She is seen here before and 3 months after her breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation 7

34 year old healthy mother wanted to feel fullness but look natural. Together we chose a 240 cc smooth round gummy bear silicone implant to fit her chest proportions and give her this look.

Breast Augmentation 8

32-year-old female, 240 cc Silicone smooth round gel sub-muscular breast augmentation

Breast Augmentation 9

23 year old female with 295 cc smooth round gel silicone implant breast augmentation, placed submuscular through inframammary fold incisions.

Breast Augmentation 10

Breast Augmentation 11

"31 year old with post child bearing with upper breast deflation, seeking natural appearing fullness. Pre and post 245 cc Natrelle moderate profile silicone implants through inframammary fold."


31 year old female with 255 cc silicone breast augmentation

Breast Augmentation 13

38 year old female before and after 255 cc silicone subglandular breast augmentation.


240 cc Allergan SSF silicone subglandular breast augmentation

Breast Augmentation 15

345 cc Allergan SRF highly cohesive silicone subglandular breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation 16

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