Determining the Right Size and Shape of Your Breast Implant

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Are you unhappy with the size of your breasts? Many women feel like they got shorted when it comes to breast size– other women find aging and pregnancies have changed their breasts and want them to look more youthful, and some women don’t have breasts that appear symmetrical. No matter what causes the desired breast change, breast augmentation is a very popular procedure that can give patients their figure and confidence back.

Choosing the Best Breast Size

Many patients have a difficult time determining their implant size because they are used to the cup measurement system, but surgeons use cubic centimeters of volume to create the effect you desire. A quality board-certified surgeon, like the doctors at For Your Best Self, will help you find a size that looks proportional to your frame and gives you the enhanced profile you desire.

Getting the right size breasts will ensure you are happy with the results. Your For Your Best Self surgeon will advise you on the size that will produce the most natural-looking results, taking your height and weight into consideration. They will also take your lifestyle into account– if you want larger breasts, jogging, playing tennis, or other pursuits may become more challenging if you go too far up in cup size.

Choosing the Best Breast Shape

Generally, you have two options; teardrop or round implants. Teardrop implants have a natural oval shape with more volume under the nipple. Round implants offer a duller, more dramatic look that creates more cleavage.

Neither option is better than the other– they each offer different benefits depending on your concern. Teardrop implants are more popular with women having reconstructive surgery, while round implants are more common with women having cosmetic breast augmentation.

Implant Makeup

Both teardrop and round implants come in saline or silicone, but teardrop implants can also come in a “gummy bear” form. Your cosmetic surgeon can help you select the material that is right for you, but the basic differences include:

Saline Implants

Filled with sterile salt water in a silicone pouch, saline implants are firmer than silicone ones. You will typically have a smaller scar with saline implants. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, you must be at least 18 years old to get saline implants.

Silicone Implants

Filled with a safe silicone gel, these breast implants offer a more natural look. You must be at least 22 years old to get silicone according to the FDA, except in rare circumstances.

Gummy Bear Implants

Gummy bear implants are filled with a denser silicon material or a fuller natural look. Patients considering these implants must be 22 years or older.

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