For Your Best Self Holiday Skin Prep Plan

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By: Alyssa, Dermatology + Plastic Surgery’s expert aesthetician

One of the most important elements to looking your best self during the holidays is timing your treatments accordingly, starting some amazing skincare, and getting in yours z’s! So, here is a quick guide to planning your treatments during the Holiday season so all you have to worry about is cooking the perfect turkey!

Step 1 – Schedule your appointments in advance

There is nothing more frustrating than having to schedule your appointments last minute with the possibility of not having the day and time that you would like. Scheduling in advance will ensure you have enough time to have possible downtime from treatment before an event. Although most skin treatments work best in a series, you can certainly sneak in a treatment or two before the holidays. A general recommendation for treating your skin in advance would be about 6 weeks which is what makes November a popular month!

Here are 3 skin treatments that would help you get Holiday ready:

-A chemical peel is a great treatment to help fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots/hyperpigmentation/melasma, acne, minimize pores and even skin tone. Chemical peels should be done at least 2 weeks prior to an event to allow enough time for peeling.

-RF microneedling is a great treatment to help target fine lines and wrinkles, texture irregularities, acne scars and skin tightening. RF microneedling should be done at least 1-2 weeks prior to an event.

-Hydrafacial with or without Dermaplane is a great treatment for immediate hydration and luminosity. Not only does this make a great gift, is also a sure way to get your skin looking its best before an event. Adding dermaplaning onto the Hydrafacial treatment will give you an added boost as this will allow better product penetration, and remove the vellus hair and any dead skin cells that may be on the skin. This treatment can be done as soon as 24-48 hours prior to an event. If it is your first time dermaplaning, the treatment should be done at least 3 days prior to an event.

Step 2- Make the switch to medical-grade skin care

The best resolutions are the ones we make before the new year. If you have been considering switching to medical-grade skin care, now is the time! Medical-grade skin care has a higher concentration of working ingredients that penetrate deeper into the skin which allows for quicker and superior results. If you choose to forgo any skin treatments, skin care is a great alternative to get your skin prepped and looking great for the holidays. Here at Dermatology + Plastic Surgery, we offer skin care consultations with our estheticians or patient educators to help choose the right skin care for you.

Step 3- Get your beauty sleep

Beauty sleep isn’t a myth. You need a full 8 hours of sleep in order for your skin to repair all of the damage it sustained during the day from things like sun exposure, stress, or pollution. The body is an amazing self-repairing machine – let it do it’s job and you will look refreshed and rejuvenated for your holiday gatherings or events this year! Skin tip: Add an extra pillow at night to prevent fluid retention and reduce puffiness under the eyes.

Gift ideas –

-Holiday Glow Hydrafacial with boosters for $265 – Great for all skin types and concerns, great for pre-event/holiday gatherings, quick glow and go. Option to add on $65 dermaplane. Can purchase credit on account or place on gift card.


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