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Are you having a good hair day? However simple the question, it seems we are all familiar with the feeling. Hair frames the face and can be considered most important in terms of first impressions. When discussing first impressions most people notice and recall hair, smile, eyes, and skin.

So, how does thinning hair affect self-esteem? There is a phenomenon known as “beauty self-esteem.” The better we feel about our appearance directly affects our personal, social and professional lives. Hair symbolizes so much to both men and women: health, youth, femininity, masculinity, individuality, and overall confidence.

Results of improved hair growth and health after four months of Nutrafol

In our practice, we dedicate our time to the many faces that visit us every day. We listen to every concern and strive to skillfully educate and treat. We recently added an amazing supplement to best treat hair thinning, Nutrafol.

Nutrafol’s special blend of proprietary ingredients to include botanicals, vitamins, and antioxidants sets it apart. Other supplements may contain vitamins and minerals which help nourish and foster hair growth, but that is not always enough. Think of it like watering a plant in unhealthy soil. It doesn’t matter how much you water the plant if the roots are in an unhealthy environment. Nutrafol gets to the root of hair thinning. Ashwagandha is an herb that decreases hair damaging stress levels, while Biocurcumin, a polyphenol found in the spice turmeric, fights inflammatory molecules that slow hair growth.

Nutrafol is suitable for all hair types and ethnicities. Most people should start to see an improvement in hair within the first 30 to 60 days, with measurable results by about 90 days. It works best for mild to moderate hair thinning caused by stress, aging, and even genetics. It’s also a great option for men and women who are simply looking for healthier hair or to prevent hair thinning overall.

Our mission is to help our patients become the very best version of themselves. The best way to start that journey is with a healthy foundation. We are excited to offer our patients the best products available.  Good hair days help us feel and look good at any age.  Nutrafol can be a simple, yet deeply “rooted’ solution to more good hair days!  If you are searching for ways to have Your Best Hair in Melbourne, Brevard, or Viera, Florida call us today for an appointment at 321.241.1160 to learn more and purchase your bottle of Nutrafol. You can also visit our store at


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