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BroadBand Light (BBL)

BroadBand Light by Sciton is the most advanced intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment on the market today to treat your pigmented skin and rosacea. Used during our Photofacial treatments, this device improves your complexion by reducing or eliminating your problem pigmented regions, evening your skin tone, and brightening your skin. At Dermatology + Plastic Surgery, our board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Anita Saluja, leads treatments and complexion programs using IPL Photofacials with BroadBand Light for patients in Central Florida.

How Does BBL IPL Photofacial Work?

Using specific wavelengths of light, BroadBand Light IPL targets certain colors in your skin, gently heating the upper layers of your skin. This heat serves two purposes, to eliminate unwanted pigmentation and to stimulate skin regeneration and re-growth. After a full treatment plan, you can look forward to clearer, smoother, and younger appearing skin.

BBL can be used in conjunction with other facial and light treatments, providing a solid foundation for skin improvement for many different conditions.

What Conditions Does BBL Treat?

The power and wavelength of BBL make it ideal for the following skin concerns:

  • Rosacea
  • Port wine stains
  • Hyperpigmented regions
  • Mottled or bruised skin
  • Visible veins
  • Age spots

Dr. Saluja and her team will evaluate your skin and complexion concerns thoroughly to make sure BroadBand Light will be appropriate for your condition before recommending a personalized treatment plan to get you smoother, clearer, and younger-looking skin.

The BBL Procedure

When you come in for a BBL treatment, we may or may not recommend using a topical anesthetic to make it as comfortable as possible, however most patients find the procedure gentle and safe requiring no anesthetic. You’ll be given safety glasses for your eyes to protect them from the intense light before moving the BBL handpiece throughout the treatment area.

The sensation is of gentle warming with a slight rubber band “snap” when the light is emitted. Depending on the size of your treatment area and your personal treatment plan, this only takes a few minutes. Post care will be provided and reviewed with you to take care of the treated area(s). Typically mineral SPF and sun and extreme heat avoidance is recommended for 24-28 hours post treatment.

Results and Recovery From BroadBand Light IPL

There is minimal downtime required after a BBL treatment, although many patients experience a few common side effects. The most common is swelling, redness and sensitivity in the treated area, which should fade over the course of a few hours up to a few days. Some conditions develop a darkened appearance to the treatment area, which is followed by the fading and flaking of skin in that area during the following week.

Many patients benefit from multiple treatment sessions spaced a few weeks apart to truly see the best results. We most commonly recommend 3-4 treatments, each separated by 3-4 weeks.

IPL Photofacials with BroadBand Light

If you’re ready to get rid of your red spots or pigmented regions once and for all, a BBL IPL treatment plan may be right for you. This gentle, completely non-invasive procedure gives you smoother, brighter, and younger appearing skin in just a few treatment sessions with no downtime. To learn more about all our laser and light therapies, call our office or contact us online today.

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