Expertise and integrity.

Kerry is such a wonderful voice and presence in your office. He is the epitome of customer service with a smile .”

Bruising from my being on blood thinners resulted in Dr Saluja using a laser on those spots —— which resulted in nearly immediate improvement. I am very grateful for that bonus step. Lisa went out of way to give me education on applying make up samples. She is very knowledgeable and empathetic. I am looking forward to gathering funds for another step if even if it is small. Lisa emphasized that collagen is encouraged by small steps, as well.

I had the great opportunity to meet with the lovely Dr. Novo for a consult. I admired her knowledge & expertise. She along with Christy answered all my questions & concerns. I booked right away & feel confident that my ongoing care will be amazing as the whole office is kind, sweet & patient.

Went to dental hygienist a week after seeing Dr . Saluja She asked if I had my lips done. Yes, I said. She said they looked great and wanted to know who I went to so I told her. She said she just might need to call Dr. Saluja for herself.

I have been treated in New York & Los Angeles, but my injectables by Dr. Saluja here in Viera are by far the best I’ve ever had. I”m loyal for life. – Lisa

Grateful to the doctors for their treatments. Now, my photos are filter free! – Lee

I had a great experience with my skin check and biopsies. This was the most efficient yet thorough new patient skin visit I’ve ever had. Thank you for taking such good care of me. – David

A big THANK YOU to your staff. Your assistant stayed with me, talked, and listened to me while under the blue light. This made time slip bye and the discomfort seem less than it was. Again, thank you.” – John

Dear Dr. Saluja, After 15 years of playing with fillers, you are the BEST EVER in technique, knowledge, and results (and honesty)! Thank you.- Linda

I’m over the moon right now with my lips. They look so natural and perfect. I don’t have to draw in my lips anymore. Tell Dr. Saluja I said thank you. I love the Lip HA5 Plumper, too – Cathy J, happy Vollure patient

I decided I wanted to have a Rhytidectomy (necklift) to look better for my daughter’s wedding.  I didn’t have any idea how to find a trusted plastic surgeon so when I received a letter from Dr. Saluja introducing her new practice and her new partner, Dr. Rebecca Novo, a plastic surgeon, I decided to schedule a consultation .  From that initial consultation, to the surgery, followed by CO2 (laser), I have been delighted with the results. People tell me I look younger and “refreshed.”  Dr. Novo is very caring and it’s easy to discuss with her any concerns about the procedures.  She’s always willing to answer questions and she follows up the procedures with phone calls and check-up appointments.  Dr. Novo is  a very knowledgeable and capable surgeon whom I highly recommend.- PSS

So sorry we missed you the day we were there!! Dr Novo was very personable and accommodating! The Care were recieved was exceptional!
The new office is beautiful and we wish you the best in your success there! You are an amazing doctor and we wil drive back for follow up visits!
Thank you for taking the time to reach out! Please be sure we are part of the mailings for any specials!
Warm Regards,-MS

Thank you for your thoughtful note! 🙂
I saw Dr. Novo on Monday and it went great! She was truly wonderful; engaging and very sweet. Your new office is so beautiful and I even ran into a familiar face; Rosanna.
I’m already looking forward to my next appt! 🙂
Have a wonderful weekend!-JM

My visit was great!  Dr. Novo is amazing! She was very thorough and gave me a lot of ideas of what could be my next step. Your office is beautiful and very clean and relaxing. I love the decor: what I have myself. Good luck in all you do and  Go Blue!!

I have been seeing Dr. Saluja for a few years now and could not be happier with the outcome. A total down to earth doctor with a great sense of humor. Listened to my concerns and relayed options in a precise manner and explained what can be done. Came away feeling I am in good hands. I would not go anywhere else when it comes to injections and skin care treatments … she is the best! – Mary