We are excited to announce we are now offering a minimally invasive neck contouring procedure: MyEllevate® uses light-guided technology to precisely place permanent sutures in the neck muscle (the platysma). This allows re-draping of the sagging neck and immediately improves the contour of the jawline and neck. Unlike a facelift or neck lift, there are no incisions. The results are expected to last for 3 to 5 years. MyEllevate® is a great option for patients who are not ready for a more invasive procedure. It is often combined with other minimally invasive neck rejuvenation procedures, such as liposuction to remove fat and Renuvion® to tighten skin.

MyEllevate® can be performed in the office under local anesthesia. When it is combined with other procedures, it is performed in the operating room with light IV sedation or general anesthesia. It takes approximately one hour to perform. There can be mild bruising and swelling, and we recommend two weeks of no heavy lifting/bending or straining. Patients can return immediately to work.

Is MyEllevate® the same as a thread lift?

No- This is a more precise and permanent solution than thread lifts. Thread Lift procedures use an absorbable suture, and they are placed more superficially. They also are placed “blindly.” MyEllevate involves a unique light-guided technology allowing more precise guidance of the sutures.

Is MyEllevate® a facelift or neck lift?

No, a face and neck lift are surgical procedures that use incisions to directly visualize the underlying muscle and involve trimming extra skin. MyEllevate uses sutures to support the neck muscle.

Who is a Candidate for MyEllevate®?

MyEllevate is a great procedure option for patients who see signs of aging in their face, neck, or jawline. In particular, it can be an excellent solution for loose skin at the jawline or poor definition at the chin. Candidates should have good skin elasticity and be non-smokers.

For more information:

Read about “The Zoom Lift” at Elle Magazine
MyEllevate™ An Advanced Minimally Invasive Facial Rejuvenation Procedure For Lower Face, Jawline & Neck

Watch a before and after video here:
Welcome to MyEllevate! – YouTube

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