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It is very common after dramatic weight loss for patients to undergo a body lift to tighten lax muscles and sagging skin. At Dermatology + Plastic Surgery, led by double board-certified plastic surgeon Rebecca Novo, MD, and board-certified dermatologist Anita Saluja, MD, the body lift has achieved excellent results in men and women who have lost significant amounts of weight in Melbourne, Viera, Brevard County, and the surrounding communities of Central Florida.

What is the goal of a Body Lift?

A body lift is a surgical procedure performed on adult men and women following extreme weight loss to remove folds of sagging skin and fatty tissue on the torso. The body lift may be combined with other surgical and non-surgical procedures, such as liposuction, brachioplasty, a thigh lift, and/or any type of breast enhancement, to complete a total makeover and economize on downtime by combining multiple procedures.

What conditions does a Body Lift correct?

It is natural that after losing dramatic amounts of weight, folds of skin remain hanging around areas of the torso, and these often cause physical discomfort. In many patients, the skin may be stretched to the point where it lacks the elasticity to tighten around a slimmer body. A body lift removes these folds of skin and fat by lifting the entire torso restoring tautness to the skin. The body lift resolves the following conditions:

  • Flattens and tightens the midsection and creates a defined waist.
  • Tightens skin in the abdomen and thighs.
  • Trims away folds, creases, sagging skin, scars, stretch marks, and cellulite.
  • Eliminates irritation and possible infections caused by chafing folds of skin.
  • Lifts and sculpts the buttocks.
  • Creates a tight and streamlined body contour with improved muscle definition.
  • Contributes to improved self-esteem and increased confidence.

Who can benefit from a Body Lift?

Candidates must be adults in overall good health who have achieved their optimal weight or are very close to their ideal weight, as future weight loss may detract from the results of the procedure. A body lift is ideal after massive weight loss to tighten and rejuvenate the abdomen, waist, thighs, and buttocks. This procedure imparts a defined and smooth body contour to patients who were once obese and have achieved ideal weight and want to complete the process by eliminating sagging folds of skin.

How is the Body Lift performed?

A body lift is performed through a fine hairline incision around the torso to allow for the excision of excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen, lower back, buttocks, and hips. The band of loose sagging skin around the midsection is lifted, excess skin is removed, and the remaining skin is pulled tight around the musculature to create a defined contour. You may also elect to combine liposuction with the body lift to remove smaller, resistant bulges of fatty tissue in specific problem areas. Other procedures, such as breast enhancement, may be performed in the same session to reduce your total recovery time from multiple procedures.

How long does it take to recover after a Body Lift?

Once the surgery is completed, a dressing is positioned over the incisions, and surgical drain tubes will be placed temporarily along the abdominal region. You must wear a compressive support garment for several weeks to ensure optimal healing, protect healing tissue, and assist the body in adjusting to its new form. You will need to rest for about a week after which time you may resume office work and light activities. You may gradually resume more strenuous activity after six weeks. Our team will be on hand to answer any of your questions or address any concerns you may have during the recovery period.

How is a Body Lift different from Liposuction?

A body lift surgically removes excess skin that may include scars, stretch marks, cellulite, or other imperfections, yielding dramatic results. Liposuction is a non-surgical treatment that uses a vacuum process to extract fatty tissue specifically from precise target areas. Liposuction as a stand-alone treatment does not remove sagging skin or eliminate imperfections on the skin’s surface that may be removed during a body lift. To achieve the most optimal results, liposuction may be combined with a body lift to target any remaining smaller bulges and create a more defined and smooth contour.

Is it OK to exercise after a Body Lift?

In order to optimize the healing process and avoid injury to healing tissue, it is best to avoid vigorous physical activity for at least six weeks following your surgery, and gradually ease your way back to your normal level of activity. Because the body lift affects delicate areas of the body, you must provide enough time and rest in order for all of the underlying tissue in those areas to heal properly.

How much is a Body Lift in Melbourne?

Depending on the extent of each procedure and any other treatments that may be performed with it, prices will vary among patients. Since most health insurance carriers won’t cover the costs of a body lift, our office proudly provides financing and payment options for all of our patients.

After achieving significant weight loss, you owe it to yourself to complete your total transformation by having a body lift to tighten and rejuvenate your torso and midsection. Residents of Melbourne, Viera, Brevard County, and nearby communities in Central Florida can turn to the team of specialists at Dermatology + Plastic Surgery, led by double board-certified plastic surgeon Rebecca Novo, MD, and board-certified dermatologist Anita Saluja, MD, for comprehensive surgical and non-surgical procedures to enhance the appearance of the face and body. Contact our office today to learn more about the body lift and other procedures we offer.



Dr. Novo is phenomenal. Her staff is super friendly! I am very happy with the surgical procedure I had done, and would definitely recommend her.

Dr. Gasgarth is the most professional, knowledgeable, caring, and down to earth doctor I know. Her team is very professional and caring also.

Dr Novo is a super star. She performed marvels with my face. She is gentle, caring, kind and generous. Her staff is happy and genuinely welcoming. The woman who guided me through the processes was knowledgeable, reassuring, and delightful. I’m grateful to everyone and will miss them.

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