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What Should I Expect During My Laser Skin Resurfacing Recovery?

After having your skin treated using the laser skin resurfacing there can be a range of reactions, while in most cases you can expect a mild sunburn feeling, with mild to moderate redness and some swelling. For stronger treatments there may be some pinpoint bleeding or oozing. Some patients  experience itching during the healing phase.

Most patients experience some degree of oozing of a yellow liquid which is the body’s normal healing reaction. Scratching or rubbing the skin during the healing phase can lead to scarring, and should be avoided. The Dermatology + Plastic Surgery team will offer you the best guidance, education and care. The practice’s doctors, Dr. Anita Saluja and Dr. Rebecca Novo, have over 30 years of combined experience in treating skin and anti-aging.

What To Do During Recovery From Laser Skin Resurfacing

While recovering from laser skin resurfacing, you should clean the treated area between two to five times a day with a gentle cleanser or diluted vinegar solution (all treatment specific instructions are provided at time of preparation for your procedure). Following cleansing, apply only skincare products that have been recommended by the doctors. Using recommended products, such as Alastin Nectar will significantly speed the rate at which your skin heals, and helps minimize reactions. After the skin has healed, you will transition to the recommended mineral based sunscreen, such as SkinMedica Essential Defense, for sensitive skin to protect your skin from harmful UV and infrared exposure, and help skin cell rejuvenation.

After healing, it is normal for the skin at the treated area to go through a secondary light flaking peel, after which the new skin can be pink for some time, and will fade over a few months. If the new skin is still sensitive, the doctors will reintroduce anti-aging retinols and glycolic acid containing products slowly. The time it takes for the redness to fade varies from person to person, as well as the strength of the procedure.

Possible Complications of Skin Resurfacing

After skin resurfacing treatment, there is a possibility of acne flare or milia, which will be treated by your practitioner. Some patients may experience hyperpigmentation, but this is generally minimized with optimal preparation and recovery with medical grade skin care tailored to your skin type and procedure. Bacterial infections are rare but possible, and can be treated using antibiotics. Patients who have a history of cold sores may experience flare-ups after the procedure, and are advised to take an antiviral medication in preparation for their laser skin resurfacing to reduce the likelihood. Finally, swelling and redness are common, and expected,  after laser skin resurfacing, but subside quickly.

Tips for Quicker Recovery

To recover as quickly as possible, you should sleep with your head elevated on two pillows or approximately 30+ degrees upright after your laser skin resurfacing. Ice packs can be used to reduce swelling or itching in the treatment area. Finally, it’s critical to avoid smoking both before and after your laser skin resurfacing, as smoking slows the healing process by reducing blood flow to the healing skin as well as damaging healthy proteins in the skin.

After your laser skin resurfacing and the following healing process, you will see rejuvenated and more youthful skin. Full results are typically see within 3-6 months after the treatment, as they tend to improve in the weeks after healing.

Camouflaging Redness

After resurfacing procedures, (especially the strongest treatments with greatest results), the  treated areas redness may last longer. We recommend Colorscience All Calm redness correcting mineral based SPF, which tones down the redness. Makeup can be applied to the treatment area if healing is complete, even if some residual redness or a flushed appearance remains.

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