Excel V Laser: Is It Right For You?

In Melbourne, FL

By: Dr. Anita Saluja & Dr. Rebecca Novo 

Vascular skin conditions like rosacea have impacted self-esteem for many. Traditional medical treatments through may provide limited relief. However, advances in aesthetic lasers now offer safer and more effective solutions. The Excel V laser directly targets underlying blood vessel issues to help reduce the appearance of these conditions.

How Excel V Laser Therapy Improves Skin

Excel V treatments use advanced laser technology to target troublesome blood vessels and pigmentation just beneath the skin’s surface. As the laser heats these problem areas, it initiates a natural healing response — the vessel walls collapse and seal shut over time.

Whether it’s stubborn red spots, sunspots, or scar discoloration, the Excel V laser works from within to clear away what years of damage have wrought. After a session, patients often see a new level of clarity and confidence reflected in the mirror.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Excel V Laser Treatment?

While Excel V therapy provides solutions for a variety of complexion and skin conditions, the best candidates are those seeking to reduce the appearance of vascular (red/blue/purple) discoloration, and brown sunspots. Treatments can be tailored to specific goals in mind.

To determine safety and efficacy, patients should discuss their medical and aesthetic histories with a qualified provider during a consultation–this ensures Excel V laser is the right treatment choice for your unique skin needs.

What Happens During Excel V Laser Therapy?

There are several important steps both before and after an Excel V laser treatment.

Before the procedure, patients will receive specific instructions that may involve discontinuing certain medications, not shaving the area, and avoiding sun exposure in the days leading up.

Please see a link to our pre and post care instructions here:

On the day of, the actual treatment lasts between 10 to 15 minutes, and protective goggles will be worn to shield the eyes from the laser’s light. Patients generally report minimal to no pain, though some experience a mild stinging sensation.

In the following weeks, results gradually manifest as the treated imperfections fade. Small issues may be resolved immediately, while more substantial conditions take up to six weeks to fully clear. Permanence requires 3-4 follow-up sessions with 4-6 weeks between and annual maintenance treatments are recommended to keep complexion optimal.

How Long Does Recovery Take?

Recovery from Excel V laser therapy is mild to allow patients the ability to quickly resume normal activities. Most patients experience very mild to moderate pinkness and swelling for 24-48 hours. Practitioners provide specific aftercare instructions to follow closely for two weeks, such as avoiding direct sun exposure, and minimizing heat exposure such as saunas or steam. Any discomfort can easily be managed with ice or over-the-counter medication for the first three days to reduce potential complications and ensure the best results.

Are There Risks Associated with Excel V Laser Treatment?

While Excel V therapy is generally very safe, mild side effects like redness and swelling may occur within the first three days post-treatment, but they will resolve without further intervention. Selecting an experienced practitioner and strictly adhering to aftercare protocol for two weeks helps minimize already low risks associated with the laser treatment.

The Bottom Line

As a highly versatile and non-invasive treatment, Excel V laser therapy effectively improves various challenging skin issues for most complexions. It minimizes risks while distinctly fading conditions like red and purple vessels on the face, neck and chest. Schedule a consultation with our Dermatology + Plastic Surgery practitioners in Melbourne and Indialantic, FL to see if this personalized approach is right for your individual goals and skin.


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