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The Hetter Peel is a deep chemical peel also known as a modified Phenol Peel. The peel consists of four main ingredients: phenol, croton oil, water, and soap. This deep peel is the “gold standard” of skin resurfacing. Dr. Rebecca Novo was the first to bring the Hetter Peel to Brevard and completed specialized on site training with a world leader of chemical peels. This peel is customizable to each patient, suiting the needs of the patient and addressing the delicate areas of skin such as under the eyes. This treatment improves skin texture and pigmentation by targeting the signs of aging skin such as deep wrinkles and sun damage. The Hetter Peel will leave wrinkles noticeably smoother, skin tighter, and reverse signs of sun damage. 

What is the Hetter Peel?

This peel contains four main ingredients. These are phenol, croton oil, water, and Septisol. The formulation of the Hetter peel is exact. When it is made, it calls for a specific number of drops of each ingredient. Dr. Novo is able to customize the hetter peel to each patient to receive the best result. This peel lost popularity during the mid-90s when technology such as lasers were promoted to resurface the skin. In 2000, Dr. Hetter researched the peel formula and released a series of articles that showed that the peel formula could be changed to work with the patient’s skin. It has gained popularity globally, with many people seeking this out when they have wrinkles, skin aging and sun damage.

Who is the Best Candidate for the Hetter Peel?

The best candidate for the Hetter Peel are patients with skin type I-III (fair to light olive complexion) with fine, medium or deep wrinkles or skin that is severely sun damaged. The Hetter Peel can also be used to reduce the visibility of scars, including acne scars. However, a consultation is recommended to make sure you are a good candidate for this procedure. Call our Best Self Team to schedule your consultation.

What to Expect After the Hetter Peel

After you have had a Hetter peel, you will experience a temporary mild to intense heat sensation similar to a sunburn. Mild to moderate swelling and redness is normal. This can be treated with over-the-counter pain medication such as Tylenol. Specialized post procedure skin care is applied to skin for the first two weeks after the Hetter peel treatment. For optimal healing, refraining from normal physical activities and sun exposure is recommended. Our innovative and effective pre and post care regimen has decreased healing time by 50%, most patients are healed within 1 week. Variable amounts (depending on level of peel) concealable pinkess is present for up to 1-2 months which signifies the building of collagen. If you have a history of HSV cold sores of fever blisters, please notify your practitioner. To ensure you have the best care, see our pre and post care instructions here.

Schedule a Consultation

If you want to improve wrinkles or sun damage, you may be the perfect candidate for the Hetter peel. If you are interested in learning more about this treatment or would like to schedule a consultation, and live in the the Suntree, Viera, Indialantic, or Satellite Beach areas of Melbourne, please call our office at 321.241.1160. We are here to answer any questions that you may have about this peel. Dr. Novo is well experienced with performing this procedure and can best help tell you to learn whether you are a candidate for this peel. If you are a qualifying candidate for treatment, we will schedule an appointment to have the procedure done and guide you along the journey to be your best self. 


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