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Top 5 Things to Know About Daxxify

Daxxify is the newest FDA-approved botulinum toxin injectable and it is already making headlines! If you’ve been a part of the cosmetic community for some time, you’ve probably heard a few snippets about Daxxify, but why is this approval so exciting? Here is everything you need to know about Daxxify and why you should be excited too!

  1. Daxxify is a Neuromodulator

Like Botox, Xeomin, Dysport, and Jeuveau, Daxxify is a neuromodulator injectable that uses a neurotoxin called botulinum toxin type A. Botulinum toxin temporarily prevents muscle contraction by blocking nerve signals to the treated muscle. This smooths unwanted dynamic facial wrinkles caused by repeated muscle contractions that occur when laughing, smiling, scowling or frowning.

  1. Longer Lasting Results

On average, other neuromodulators last about 3-4 months. The long-lasting durability of Daxxify is what makes this new injectable so exciting. Daxxify lasts an average of six months and can last up to nine months for some patients. This means you can enjoy smooth, wrinkle-free skin with only 1-2 annual treatments!

  1. Peptide-Powered Formula

Another unique element of Daxxify is that it uses peptides (amino acids) in place of human or animal components like human serum albumin. These peptides are the main reason for Daxxify’s long-lasting results since the peptides create a stronger, more durable formula than human or animal-based proteins.

  1. Clinically Tested

Before its FDA approval, Daxxify was tested in numerous clinical trials and found to be safe for most patients. Results showed that about 80% of patients saw almost no unwanted animation wrinkles after four months and about half could still see results after six months. With these clinical trials, Daxxify is currently approved to treat glabellar lines, also called frown lines or eleven lines. These are the horizontal lines in between the medial brows and they are often one of the first signs of aging.

  1. You Should Not be New to Neuromodulators

The results of neuromodulators cannot be reversed (they wear off on their own) and 6-9 months is a big commitment. We recommend trying other neuromodulators first to see if you like the results before moving on to Daxxify. If you are new to injectables, we will be happy to discuss other options with you to determine a long-term treatment plan.

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