Injectable Tips: Getting the Results You Want

In Melbourne, FL

More and more of our patients are turning to injectables for anti-aging or non-surgical augmentation treatments. It’s important to be informed before, during, and after your treatment and to receive these services from a knowledgeable and qualified provider who you can trust. Before your injectable appointment, here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you get your ideal results.

Planning Ahead for Your Appointment

There are a few steps you can take before you receive the injections that help guide you toward the results you’re looking for. Bring in past headshots or close-up photos of yourself so your practitioner can see where aging is affecting the bone, muscle, and skin. The photos can also help us assess and give better guidance on what is achievable.

Know what your financial comfort range is as that helps us prioritize what to do. It dictates what areas to inject and what time period the treatment plan needs. Be committed to returning for follow up treatments. This allows your practitioner to reassess and refine your treatments, and maintenance always creates the best results.

If you are on blood thinners such as aspirin or fish oil, stop one week before your appointment.

If you are treating with injectables in your lips or around your lips, let your practitioner know if you have a history of cold sores or fever blisters (herpes simplex virus I). Treating with an oral antiviral such as famciclovir can prevent an outbreak after your injections.

Trust Your Practitioner

Trust that multiple syringes may be better than a single syringe. I like to show how much is really in just a single 1 ml syringe of filler by filling an empty syringe up with water and putting in my hand. You can do multiple syringes and avoid looking filled or funny, but rather look better and more natural. For example, treating the nasolabial folds in isolation often does not give as desirable of a result as treating them in combination with the cheekbone, which requires multiple syringes.

Listen to your practitioner when they say you have had enough injections or to go light in injection dosing for a certain area. Often, lips become out of proportion to the face when multiple filler injections are done repetitively when there was not a need. Botox injections can eliminate forehead lines, but it may be that this lowers your brow and your practitioner may advise not to chase these lines for best overall facial appearance.

After Your Appointment

Skincare at home — just do it daily! Injectables look better when the skin is healthy and glowing. This may involve skincare such as sunscreen, an antioxidant, a retinoid, an exfoliant, and/or a hydrator.

After your questions are answered, breathe. You will enjoy the experience more and have less bruising if you are relaxed! Return in one to two weeks for re-evaluation and any adjustments. This follow up is an important part of the injectable treatment.

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