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What Will Your Scars Look Like After a Breast Lift?

One of the most common questions that plastic surgeons receive during a breast lift consultation is “what will scars look like?” With any surgical procedure, scarring is inevitable with a breast lift. However, qualified and experienced plastic surgeons like Dr. Novo use advanced techniques to ensure as little scarring as possible.

Breast Lift Scars Depend on Technique and Patient Skin Quality

The visible size and overall appearance of your breast lift scars will vary depending on the technique that your plastic surgeon uses, but also the inherent properties of each patients skin, ie. elasticity, tendency to keloid, hypertrophy or pigment. Breast lifts can be completed using different incision patterns depending on the patient’s specific anatomy and goals for the procedure.

Crescent Lift

A crescent lift is ideal for minimal scarring with a breast lift. Using this technique, Dr. Novo makes a small incision near the top edge of the areola. A crescent breast lift is typically only possible for patients who have minimal extra skin or sagging.

Anchor Lift

An anchor lift causes the most noticeable scarring of common techniques but is the most effective option for those with significant skin excess or large, heavy breasts seeking reduction. Anchor breast lifts involve incisions made around the areola, vertically from the nipple to the breast crease/fold, and horizontally along the breast crease (or inframammary fold). This creates an anchor shaped scar.

Donut Lift

Donut breast lifts are performed by making a circular incision around the areola. Subsequent scars may be slightly noticeable around the areola, but are relatively well concealed by the natural pigment changes at border.

Lollipop Lift

A lollipop lift is one of the most common techniques used in breast lifts. This requires a circular incision around the areola and a vertical incision from the areola to the breast crease, resulting in a “lollipop”-shaped scar.

What Do Breast Lift Scars Look Like?

Breast lift surgery scars are very thin, like a fine pencil or pen line, as incisions are made carefully to avoid as much scarring as possible. Early after the incisions heal, scars may be temporarily raised and may look red or pink. Over time, they will both fade to a lighter or white color and flatten, becoming less and less noticeable. Dr. Novo can show you before-and-after photos to get a sense of how breast lift scars look at various healing stages.

Post-Surgery Care to Minimize Scarring

As you recover from a breast lift, your post-surgery care is crucial to minimize scarring. Be sure to follow all of Dr. Novo’s advice during this time. This may include applying gels or ointments. You should also avoid sun exposure as much as possible and apply sunscreen to the area of the scar. Gently massaging the scar can help increase collagen and make the scar less noticeable. However, you should always avoid scrubbing, scratching, or exfoliating the scar, as this can make it appear worse. In addition, avoid lifting heavy objects or smoking throughout the recovery period.

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