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When it comes to skincare and beauty products, it’s sometimes difficult to tell which at-home treatments are effective and which are money-wasting gimmicks. To be sure you’re investing in the best products, it’s helpful to have recommendations from trusted professionals. Drs. Novo and Saluja have created this list of their must-have products to suit a variety of needs, from clearing your complexion to growing thicker, fuller hair and eyelashes. Best of all, each of these products is conveniently available in our online shop.


Nutrafol is the #1 all-natural hair supplement in the world! It restores imbalances in hair growth-specific hormones, reduces oxidative cellular and environmental stressors, provides essential hair growth nutrition, and improves cellular metabolism to support healthier, thicker, and new growth. It’s truly a must-have.


With the daily application of Latisse, you can grow longer, thicker lashes within a month. It’s our favorite lash enhancer! This product is prescription only, so you’ll need to have had an office visit with a practitioner within a year of your purchase. call our office in the Suntree & Viera area of Melbourne.

Clarisonic Mia Brush

Clarisonic is our must-have tool for skincare regimens. The head oscillates back and forth at up to 300 times per second, removing dirt, oil, and debris from your skin. Clarisonic cleanses six times more effective than using your hands or a washcloth alone, so your skincare products are absorbed better and your results are more enhanced.

Celluma LED Light

Celluma LED Light uses high-intensity light-emitting diodes (LEDs) with specific wavelengths of light, which increase circulation, accelerate tissue repair, kill acne-causing bacteria, decrease inflammation, and improve skin tone, texture, and clarity. Learn more about what patients are saying about the therapy in this video testimonial.

Gua Sha Tool

Gua Sha is an ancient Eastern healing practice that, when performed consistently, effectively moves lymph, which carries away toxins and improves skin health and tone with the benefit of being deeply relaxing. Our favorite combination is using the tool with Dr. Saluja’s luminosity oil.


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Dermatologist Dr. Anita Saluja and plastic surgeon Dr. Rebecca Novo have created an online shop for your convenience. They have curated scientific skin care products that they believe will deliver results: For Your Best Self. And you can always contact our office with any questions.

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