4 Important Questions About Mole Removal

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Moles are natural-colored bumps or spots that appear on your skin. They occur in various colors, including tan, brown, purple, and black. Most people are born with moles; however, some will grow and evolve as you age.

Although moles could appear harmless on your skin, that is not always the case. Some moles are cancerous, and it is always advisable that they be removed to eliminate the risk.

If you or someone you care for has a mole, we are sure you have questions regarding the treatment on your mind. To help guide you, here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions concerning mole removal and treatment.


Is it True That All Moles Are Cancerous?

Only a small fraction of moles are malignant; this means that they are not all concerning to your health beyond appearance. However, based on various conditions, the chance of developing a cancerous mole differs from one person to another. If you have a black, large mole that you were not born with, it would be best to have it examined by a skin professional such as a dermatologist, dermatology PA or NP, or a plastic surgeon who specializes in skin treatments. Additionally, if your family has a history of skin cancer, your risk is higher than those who do not have a personal family history of skin cancer.

However, only looking at the mole is not always sufficient to determine if it is non-cancerous or cancerous. Before it is pronounced cancerous, it should be thoroughly examined and potentially biopsies (removing a tissue sample for examination under a microscope) by a medical specialist.


What is The Procedure for Removing a Mole?

A dermatologist or other skin specialist practioner have various mole removal tools. Each approach stops the mole from growing by producing a minor wound.

Surgical excision or shave removal are two treatments that can be applied to remove the spot of concern from the skin’s surface. If the mole extends to the deeper layers of the skin, you may need stitches to bring the skin edges back together.

Is Mole Removal Treatment Painful?

The amount of discomfort you feel depends on the procedure to remove the mole. Irrespective of the approach, patients are given a very small injection of local anesthetic (numbing) so that no “pain” is felt during the mole removal. The treatment is simple, has few side effects, and produces no significant scar tissue.

How Long Does It Take to Heal Once a Mole Has Been Removed?

When a small mole is removed, the healing period is brief, several days, especially when contrasted to the several weeks it takes to recover from a suture incision. Additionally, the area of mole removal can influence the healing duration. Any scar or healing area ultimately fades over 6-12 months. Healing can be optimized with scar gel, tretinoin, or retinol, and strict sun protection.

The dermatologist doing the procedure could advise you to avoid strenuous activity for the recovery time and apply a topical ointment to minimize the chance of scarring or issues like infection.

You will be given specific instructions on how to care for your healing biopsy or mole removal site.

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