Say No to Botox House Parties

In Melbourne, FL

We don’t see how a Botox party outside of the medical environment is ideal. There’s more risk for no reason.

Botox is a drug, a medication that is injected into facial muscles to relax them.  Sure, the results are fun when the wrinkles soften but things can go wrong, especially in a house or non-medical party setting. For one, alcohol and Botox don’t mix. It clouds your judgement and increases the risk of bruising or bleeding. Sometimes, you don’t know the injector that well and you go along with the crowd when maybe you should ask more questions of who’s behind the needle versus taking the paid host’s or hostess’s word.

The environment is less controlled.  Questions to consider – Is it clean? Is the Botox properly stored in a medication refrigerator or similar and is there any emergency equipment? What if you faint? Is there follow up if you get an eyelid or lip droop or need adjustments? Is the Botox lot number and procedure being documented? Where are the treatment records stored? And, if you’re considering hosting, do you have liability insurance that covers Botox injections?  We could list more questions but you get the point.

And, definitely, since filler such as Juvederm or Restylane, for example, is an implant and has potential serious side effects, we would strongly advise against filler injections at parties. That’s outright worrisome.

Need a compromise? Maybe, consider bringing a friend for support or a group to get treatment together to a Botox appointment. You and your friends can earn loyalty reward points, get friend or group promotions, and be safe. One of our signature events, Best Skin Fridays, allows for friendship, savings, and Botox, filler, and other injectable treatments such as Dysport or Xeomin.

Hope to see if you if you’re in the Melbourne/ Suntree/ Viera area or cross the causeway to see us if you live in Indialantic, Satellite Beach, or Cocoa Beach! We’re under an hour from northern parts of Merritt Island and Orlando, too.


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