Meet ESKATA® – A Solution to Raised Age Spots

In Melbourne, FL

Are you tired of looking at those frustrating age spots that you just noticed on your face?  Are you bothered by age spots that may have suddenly appeared?  The Best Self Team now has a simple solution for you – ESKATA® – the only FDA-approved, topical treatment for raised age spots.

As we age, there are many changes to our overall bodies.  Signs of aging can appear daily and drastically from even one year to the next. One of these signs is age spots.  Though they can be unsightly and bothersome, they are now perfectly treatable with ESKATA®.

Any suspected spots should first be diagnosed as seborrheic keratoses or SKs – non-cancerous growths or age spots. SKs can be flat or raised.  Their color can be a normal skin tone or darker with a velvety, shiny or wart-like texture. Seborrheic keratoses can become enlarged or grow thicker over time and even spread.

SKs are the result of age and you can be more prone to them based on your genetics.

Dr. Saluja and her team of highly skilled, certified aestheticians can treat your raised age spots with ESKATA®’s soft-tip, pen-like application of a solution with a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Identified spots are treated with an ESKATA® pen four times, approximately one minute apart. One treatment of up to seven raised age spots is $250. ESKATA® is a self-pay treatment and is not covered by insurance.

A three-week follow-up appointment is recommended to determine if a second treatment is necessary and to assure the area is not irritated. The most common side effects are temporary and can include itching, stinging, swelling, redness, crusting and scaling.

Dr. Saluja is one of the few providers offering ESKATA® in Brevard County.  You didn’t choose to get raised age spots or SKs, but you can choose to treat them with ESKATA®. Just call The Best Self Team today to finally get rid of those troublesome raised age spots.


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