Dr. Saluja’s Y LIFT® Technique

In Melbourne, FL

If you’ve recently visited Florida Dermatology & Plastic Surgery, I’m sure you’ve seen our Y LIFT® banner with the impressively dramatic Before and After pictures. The Y LIFT® technique is Dr. Saluja’s newest and latest certification. Dr. Saluja’s Y LIFT® technique is a 45-minute non-surgical, facial contouring procedure that revives the cheekbones and under eye area, defines the jawline and lifts the upper neck. Yep, it takes just 45 minutes to reveal a younger, more beautiful you. Ready for your Y LIFT® consultation yet?

The Y LIFT® procedure, created by Dr. Yan Trokel, has a principle that states that an aesthetically beautiful, young face has high, wide cheekbones and a defined jawline and chin. As we age, our facial fat, muscle and bone start shrinking, which results in a loss of volume and saggy skin. By rebuilding the foundation of your face with the Y LIFT® technique, you will regain those structural pillars or “Y” shapes.

The Y LIFT® is based on the notion that youthful facial contours are shaped like the letter “Y.” If you were to superimpose two “Y”s over the face, you would see that one appears wide at the top, spanning the eye and cheekbone region, while the second spans the entire jawline. Both narrow down to a point culminating at the chin. Aging causes the arms of each “Y” shape to alter and sag, which causes the loss of facial volume. It can also make the face appear flat or deflated. This is where the Y LIFT® procedure steps in to help.

First, Dr. Saluja injects a topical numbing anesthetic (lidocaine). Starting with the top “Y” near the cheekbones and under eyes, Dr. Saluja will insert a special surgical instrument deep under the muscle, right on top of the bone. This essentially lifts the “Y.” Juvéderm® filler is injected to hold the newly positioned “Y” in place. The procedure is repeated a second time along the jawline and chin.

This technique and filler placement allows for structural volumizing and helps the Juvéderm® filler last longer (2-3 years). The entire Y LIFT® procedure takes no more than 30 minutes and is painless and quick. It doesn’t require any downtime or general anesthesia, and it produces instantaneous results, with full effects settling after 2 weeks.

The Y LIFT® procedure has also been a very popular choice for men, giving them a stronger, more chiseled jawline, smoothing hollowing under the eyes and overall definition and structure. If you or your loved one is concerned with the loss of volume and structure, then the Y LIFT® might be the right treatment for you.

Dr. Saluja’s expertise and great patient care guarantee you will love your results! It’s no wonder she is in the top 1 percent of all dermal injectors in the United States, and the number one Voluma®, Botox®, Juvéderm® and Sculptra® injector in all of Central Florida. Call our office to schedule your consultation and find out if a Y LIFT® is the right choice for you.


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