How Yoga Saved My Life

In Melbourne, FL

Hello again Best Self Family! As you know at Dermatology + Plastic Surgery, we care deeply about your skin and body health, PLUS your mental and physical well being too…because it’s all connected!

On that note, thought I would share with you part of my personal story, and part of my journey to becoming my BEST self.

The picture was bleak but not unique. An overworked, over stressed, overtired surgical resident on a self destructive path due to a collaboration of numerous bad choices. No excuses, but my trend was work thirty hours, have a greasy breakfast with my team (including a few adult beverages), go home and crash, maybe read and prep for work related duties (ie. power points, research projects) then rinse and repeat. Chronically sleep deprived, exercise was the last thing I felt I had energy for.

Enter yoga. I saw a flier for a drop-in, donation based yoga class downtown Detroit in the middle of our six month Michigan winter. Although intimidated by something so new and foreign, I had little to lose and was grasping for something to shake up my rut and snap me out of my uber unhealthy routine.

At the top of the 40th story elevator, walking into a classroom overlooking the breathtaking sunset riverfront skyline, I was greeted to my first class by the amazing volunteer teacher Amy Parekh (an incredibly warm, talented, and brilliant lawyer-by-day nonetheless).

Amy and the other teachers worked with me and taught me the fundamentals of breath and focus, and how to shed my competitive, self-focused self. Class after class I slowly morphed into a more balanced, even, self-caring version of myself. I grew stronger, lighter, more flexible, and was awakened from my personal pity party for one.

I couldn’t stop sharing my experience with friends and family, taking them to yoga, sharing my experience and growth. Now my sister is a certified teacher and my mom practices daily at 72. Currently, my favorite part of the weekend is attending a yoga class with my husband.

Not every class or teacher is for everyone. But I PROMISE, if you explore and give it a few chances, yoga will change your life for the better in some way shape or form.

What we scientifically know about yoga:

-Excellent for mind body connectivity.
-Healthy for all ages.
-Improves balance, focus, and strength.
-Reduces stress and anxiety. (Some schools have even started implementing yoga instead of detention with incredible success in children with behavioral issues and stress management issues.)

Lucky for us in Brevard County, yoga is growing in popularity and availability. My favorite studio is The Yoga Garden…literally a yoga studio surrounded by gardens! (@yogagardenfl). Most studios offer a variety of classes including for beginners. So grab a friend or significant other and shed some stress. We can all be challenged and have room to improve!


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