Lose Fat And Contour Your Waist Instantly With UltraSlim

In Melbourne, FL

Whether you’re looking to contour a specific problem area or are interested in dropping a few waist sizes, you may be interested in a non-surgical fat reduction procedure. Your options may seem limited, however, with long treatment times, slow-appearing results, and a small amount of total fat reduction.

Fortunately, Dermatology + Plastic Surgery is happy to offer a whole new type of treatment for touchless, dramatic fat removal: UltraSlim.

What is UltraSlim?

UltraSlim is an FDA-cleared red light system (made right here in Brevard county!) that causes fat cells to open cell membrane channels and release fat into the interstitial space. The lone molecules are drained away by the lymphatic system and expelled over the days following treatment.

UltraSlim is totally non-invasive and doesn’t require any applicator pads or suction cups to activate the fat cells. This means there are no side effects, complications, or adverse events recorded in clinical trials.

What Sets UltraSlim Apart

UltraSlim is a revolutionary way to lose fat in a safe, consistent way without the need for incisions. Unlike other fat reduction treatments, which focus on destroying fat cells, UltraSlim reduces the size of cells by allowing the fat stored within them to escape through temporary pores.

This proven technology eliminates the risk of fat cells coming back in unpredictable locations as is the case with other techniques. Plus, treatments are extremely quick: the average session is less than 40 minutes. Finally, UltraSlim works immediately, unlike the other procedures that take weeks after the final treatment session to begin enjoying the results. Nearly every UltraSlim patient loses at least 2 inches of fat at each visit, and you can schedule as many visits as you’d like!

What To Expect During Treatment

The process for UltraSlim at Dermatology + Plastic Surgery is straightforward. First, you’ll be checked in with our patient educator, and consent, photos, and measurements will be taken. Then you’ll get positioned on the table, and the UltraSlim device will be focused on the treatment area. Depending on the treatment area and your goals, you’ll be moved several times during the procedure after each 8-minute exposure period. For most people slimming the whole waistline, results in four rotations for a total treatment time of 32 minutes.

Although it may vary based on your goals and the amount of fat loss desired, your complete treatment plan can take between 3 to 12 sessions for optimal results. The average number needed for most people is 6.

Assuming you maintain your diet and exercise routine, the fat lost from UltraSlim should not return, meaning you can keep your results as long as you keep your lifestyle consistent!

UltraSlim in Melbourne, FL

The synergistic partnership between our two board-certified plastic surgeons,  Dr. Novo, and Dr. Gasgarth, as well as our board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Saluja, allows us the ability to offer cutting-edge technologies in an effort to facilitate each patient achieving the goal of their ideal self. To learn more about UltraSlim’s impressive technology and to find out what results you can achieve, schedule a consultation with our experts today. Start a conversation with us by calling our office or contacting us online!


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