How to Minimize the signs of “Tech/Text Neck”: A Dermatologist + a Plastic Surgeon’s Perspective

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By Dr. Anita Saluja & Dr. Rebecca Novo

Dr. NovoSmartphones, laptops and tablets may be our accessory brains, but beyond convenience, we know with overuse they can cause actual neck strain and physical pain, while also accelerating aging and accentuating wrinkles!

Thanks to the age of selfies and our increasing attachment to our devices…”tech neck a.k.a. “text neck” referred to neck pain from constantly looking down at a device. Now, more patients are coming in with concerns for the horizontal lines on the neck associated with downward gaze.

“The more we look down, especially while reading or looking at our devices, the more we accentuate and recreate the folds in our neck skin. The more repetitive the movement, the more established creases become, just as why we use Botox and Dysport for muscles of animation in the face ie. our scowl lines or “11’s” between the eyes.”

“People are analyzing their photos and selfies much more critically, and especially if the selfie is taken while looking down, the lines and creases will be more obvious.” adds Dr. Saluja. “PLUS we now know that some wavelengths of light such as high-energy visible light (HEV) are emitting from tech screens that can actually be more dangerous skin aging accelerators. The newest sunscreens and skin care products are protecting skin from these wavelengths of light.


Now how do we prevent it?

  1. Correct your posture. Minimize how much time you spend gazing downwards. Additionally, breaks from computers and screens is not only healthier for your skin, but your mental well being as well.
  2. Don’t neglect the neck! Meaning the same care you provide for your face you should include your neck ie: sunscreen, moisturizers, and anti-aging products. (We love Alastin neck serum and Clarisonic Uplift specifically for the neck area.) **Do keep in mind that the neck can be more sensitive than the face.


How do we reverse it?Dr. Saluja

  1. We can treat some of the prominent folds in the neck with Botox®  or Dysport® to relax their visibility.
  2. We perform a lot of resurfacing with fractionated CO2 to repair the health of the skin, improve texture, and minimize lines and creases.
  3. Jaw contouring with Kybella or truSculpt 3D can reveal a more youthful transition between the chin, jaw, and neck.
  4. If there is excessive skin and laxity, some patients may ultimately require neck lift surgery.

Use some or all of these tools to reveal a more youthful, healthy neck!


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