What are Your Aesthetic Goals?

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Introducing J-Plasma

When meeting with our patients we like to ask, “What are your aesthetic concerns or goals?” Many times, the answer is, “To look as young as I feel!”

What would you give to reverse the hands of time? Recently our office has added an amazing new procedure to provide a solution to that
very problem! We are excited to be the first Plastic Surgery and Dermatology office in Brevard to have the revolutionary J-Plasma procedure.

J-Plasma is an innovative discovery by Bovie Medical Corporation that provides the most precise and safe tool being used to perform dermal
ablation and skin tightening. Dr. Novo can give you back 10+ years using J-Plasma to correct issues such as fine lines, deep wrinkles, sun damage,
or sagging skin.

Unlike traditional lasers used to resurface the skin, J-Plasma uses helium, which doesn’t require much energy to become a plasma. Less energy means less heat, and less heat means less thermal damage to surrounding tissues, and the ability to control the depth of the ablation. For years, surgeons have used J-Plasma to perform delicate surgeries near vital organs with exacting precision and virtually no heat damage to surrounding tissue.

In truth, the technology isn’t new. Rather, the precision offered by the device created a “new use” in plastic surgery because it allows a surgeon to significantly tighten skin sub-dermally. J-Plasma is the first of its kind: a non-laser, device that assists with rejuvenating the face without
having to undergo a traditional facelift for only a fraction of the cost, risk, and downtime. The “non-surgical face lift” procedure is performed
using radio frequency energy, J-Plasma helium energy, and a proprietary technique to tighten the soft tissues below the skin.

More great news! It can be used almost anywhere! J-Plasma can be used almost anywhere on the body that has loose or sagging skin with very minimal scarring. In the past, sagging skin had to be removed in order to significantly tighten it, and removing skin meant big scars. Getting rid of
sagging or loose skin was a trade-off because patients were left with fairly large scars. In recent years, some devices have come to market
claiming skin tightening, but the results are much less impressive than with J-Plasma. J-Plasma provides such significant tightening that it can be
used for patients with major weight loss, sagging on the backside of arms, for moms with sagging skin on the tummy, sagging skin above the knees, and really just about anywhere.

If you would like to hit the “reset button” on your skin call our office to set up your complimentary consultation with our outstanding Dr. Novo!


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