Announcing Sebacia To Treat Acne

In Melbourne, FL

Are you tired of acne impacting your life and weighing on your daily routine? We get it — and we have something exciting to share with you!

We are proud to be one of the first dermatology practices in the U.S. to offer an advanced, innovative, and FDA-cleared acne treatment.

Sebacia is the ADVANCED acne treatment that targets the glands that produce acne-causing oil. This treatment has been clinically proven to reduce acne and prevent future breakouts!1 We use gold microparticles and a dermatology laser safely in our office in only three 30-45 minute sessions over a two week period.

The majority of patients who have completed their Sebacia Treatments have been able to avoid taking antibiotics or oral medications for their acne. Further, current data shows average improvement of patients’ acne at about 65% at 3 months,74% at 6 months, and 85% at 12 months after their Sebacia Treatment.1

The Sebacia Treatment offers several important benefits for patients like you:

  • LASTING — provides long-term results1
  • SAFE2— no anesthesia necessary
  • NO DOWNTIME — get right back to school or work
  • CONVENIENT — 3 in-office treatments
Most patients begin to see results 6 weeks after their last Sebacia Treatment!

To View The Sebacia Experience: Click here

  1. US clinical study demonstrated non-inferiority to laser alone at 12 weeks with Sebacia’s last treatment at 2 weeks and laser alone last treatment at 10 weeks. EU real world data on file shows 85% at12 months (56% free of acne medications, 30% used topicals and 14% used systemics over 12 months).
  2. US FDA 510(k) clinical summary (k181518)
       * Individual results may vary

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